10 Must-Have Apps for Traveling Japan

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10 Must-Have Apps for Traveling Japan

Japan is a great place for traveling. When you have a few days of vacation and don't know where to go, it is right to buy a ticket to go to Japan. Japan's beautiful scenery and delicious food are waiting for you to constantly enjoy. Let us recommend 10 must-have apps that you need to travel Japan!




This is a very convenient transportation app. You will get the specific route, cost and estimated arrival time when you enter the departure and destination in the APP . If you are in the local area, you can choose to proceed directly from the location. This APP has a large map to directly select the place of departure and destination.


Google Map

Google Map is a very useful map app. After registering an account, you can save the location and display it on the map. It is convenient to arrange the itinerary and it is convenient to find it again.



The app was developed by Narita Airport in Tokyo, but it is not just airport information. In addition to weather, currency exchange and other functions, it also introduces some basic travel knowledge and travel etiquette, such as how to take a tram, how to take a high-speed bus. There is also an introduction to Japanese culture. The information of the text is easy to understand and very practical.





The restaurant information provided by Tabelog is very comprehensive. There is a set of restaurant evaluation and scoring mechanism by users. The score is 5 points, and the default is 3 points. The score is subdivided into small items such as cooking, environment, drinks, and price/performance ratio, all of which are scored by users.Tabelog has a strong reference value for travelers to choose a restaurant.



There is a restaurant ranking in this app that can provide a reference for travelers. There are also business hours, recommended dishes, dish photos and other information on the pages of the restaurant. Some restaurants also have bilingual menus that can be navigated directly to the map in Japan. But relatively speaking, there will be more reviews by tourists than locals.



This app is a Japanese partner of the Michelin Red Guide. The restaurant information provided is very comprehensive, and it is also possible to provide visitors with a food search according to the location.





There are quite a lot of listings on this app, including hotels, youth hostels and so on. Some hotels can be cancelled free of charge and be paid by credit card.



The listings on this app are similar to Booking. This app supports Alipay payment.Passengers need to confirm in advance whether the hotel will provide a toiletry bag. If not, you need to prepare a toiletry bag in advance.



More listings in Airbnb are homestays. This app allows travellers to discover and book a variety of unique listings across Japan through websites or mobile phones.



This app can check the information of the spa hotel. Hot springs can effectively alleviate the tiredness of travelers.Remember to bring your carry-on bag with your toiletry bag when you are in the hot spring.

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