10 Things to Bring For a Long Flight

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10 Things to Bring For a Long Flight

When you travel by plane, especially at night, some small items will make a big difference and make your trip more comfortable. Here we list 10 small items that you may use frequently.


TOP1: Passport cover

ID card, visa, passport and other travel documents should be checked before departure. Travel requires too many documents, you need to concentrate, you can choose a multi-function card holder that you can concentrate on the documents and prevent omissions.


TOP2: Travel pillow

Travel pillows are essential for traveling long-time flights and  trains.Travel pillows can relieve the soreness of your shoulders and neck and make your trip more comfortable. It can also be used as a nap pillow to make your trip as comfortable and relaxing as possible.


TOP3: Professional noise reduction earplugs

There will always be a cry of children and talking during the trip, and the noisy environment will make you unable to rest. At this time you need a soundproof earplug that is isolated from noise and is guaranteed to sleep.


10 Things to Bring For a Long Flight

TOP4: Eye mask

Bring the eye mask to avoid the light on the eyes, make your sleep deeper and rest better.


TOP5: Luggage tag

The luggage tag has a stylish appearance and bright colors. It is suitable for any bag, and it is easy to distinguish between the baggage of yourself and others. The card can be filled in with personal information, even if the baggage is lost, it is convenient to contact the owner.


T0P6: Empty water cup

Because the air is dry on the plane, it needs to replenish water frequently, but it can't carry water through the security check. The mineral water in the airport is expensive, so it is recommended that you bring your own empty water cup. After you pass the security check, please remember to get the water dispenser to fill the water, so that you can not only drink water on the plane at any time, but also ask the flight attendant to add it when you finish the drink. It will not waste the paper cup on the plane, saving trouble and being environmentally friendly.


T0P7: Thin coat or scarf

Usually, there will be no blankets on the short-haul seats. If you have a cold air on the plane or sit in a particularly cold seat, a scarf or a thin coat will come in handy! A female shawl is also a good choice, it can also be used as a thin cover.


10 Things to Bring For a Long Flight

TOP8: Luggage cover

The luggage cover can protect the luggage from impact and damage. You can choose a fully transparent case, which is super thick and wear-resistant, anti-fouling and dustproof. The top opening design makes the rod exposed, which is convenient for towing and carrying.

TOP9: Luggage lock

There are large and small suitcases for traveling abroad. At this time, a strong and reliable luggage lock is very important. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome to find the loss of luggage in a foreign country. We recommend purchasing a TSA-certified baggage lock. If there is no TSA customs lock, the customs cannot open the trunk with the Customs-only Universal TSA Customs Lock. The suitcase will be forcibly knocked open by the Customs Inspector.


TOP10: Snacks

The time for meal on board is fixed, which is a hassle for a small number of meals or people who are hungry. Bring your snacks and replenish your energy at any time. However, please do not bring too much food to avoid affecting other guests, and it is best to eat before leaving the plane, because some foods (such as meat, fruit) will be confiscated by the customs.


In the long flight, what other simple items do you recommend? Welcome to share with us.

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