6 Items for Surviving a Long Flight

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6 Items for Surviving a Long Flight

For people who are often on a business trip or keen on travelling, a long flight is impossible to avoid, which is very uncomfortable and tiring. So preparing some items that contribute to surviving a long flight is of great significance. Therefore, I want to share some ideas about that, expecting to help you to some extent.



Passport Holder

When going for a long flight, people usually take as much luggage as possible. But when you put a huge bag into the baggage compartment above your seat, you may have to repeat the action of closing the baggage compartment again and again during the long flight, because you want to find out the passport or lipstick you need from the jumbled luggage. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a small carry-on bag and passport holder where you can put your passport, ticket, bank card and other important things into the passport holder. And headphones, lipsticks, napkins and other commonly used items can be put into the carry- on bag to ease frustration.



6 Items for Surviving a Long Flight

Eye mask and Earplugs

Eye masks and earplugs are a must for passengers who are easy to be waken up from sleep. If passengers with higher sleep quality requirements or even mild neurasthenia, it is recommended to equip with a noise-reducing headset, which will bring you into a very quiet world so as to fall asleep easily.



Travel Pillow

Whenever you have a long flight, the cabin usually shuts down the windows and lights after the first meal. And most people will choose to sleep to kill the long and boring time. Under this circumstance, to guarantee a comfortable sleep, a travel pillow is essential for us. As is known to all, we can have a better sleep and less cervical pains with the travel pillow.



Thermos Cup

Air travel dehydrates people, and water supplementation is a top priority. Buying a large bottle of mineral water after the security check can avoid the embarrassment of asking the steward for water from time to time. For those who like hot water, you can also bring an empty thermos cup to ask the steward to fill the hot water for you after boarding the plane.



6 Items for Surviving a Long Flight

Compression Sock

It is easy to get swollen during a long-distance flight. Only by freeing your feet can you sleep better. In addition to the disposable slippers, a pair of compression socks is also practical. When you wear the warm and loose compression socks, you can put your feet on the seat to find a more comfortable position to have a better sleep.



Coat or Shawl

Because of high air pressure, airplanes usually open up enough air conditioning to keep the temperature at a lower temperature to prevent passengers from being anoxic. Although blankets are provided on board, people will still feel cold especially when passengers generally wear cool clothes in summer. At this time, a convenient coat or a thick shawl can play a great role.


Beyond doubts, items helping survive a long flight are not just these things. Drugs such as eyewash and painkillers are important as well. In order to have a more comfortable experience, you should learn from others and find out what is necessary for you. That is all that counts.

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