7 Traffic Safety Tips in America

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7 Traffic Safety Tips in America

We are going to talk about the traffic safety when traveling in the USA.


1. Take a taxi: when you are taking a taxi, you should always fasten your seat belt and do not wait or hail taxis in the dark. Also, you should see the license plate and even take a picture of it to send to friends when necessary. When hailing car online, you  must see the score evaluation. If it is late at night, try not to ride alone and do not talk too much. Also, you can try to sit behind the driver's seat and not to eat or drink things given by drivers or other passengers. You need to pay attention to whether the driving route is normal, and promptly report the whereabouts to your family, classmates and friends. If it's a carpool, pay close attention to other people getting on. If you are in danger, you can throw something out of the window to attract the attention of other vehicles.


2. Take the bus: You should wait for the bus in a bright place. If the bus station has insufficient lights or no other passengers, you should wait as close as possible to the businesses or places with sufficient lights. Upon boarding the bus, if any suspicious person is found, you can sit near the driver, especially late at night and when there are fewer people on board. If someone in the car is harassing, you should immediately inform the driver or get off.


3. Subway: You need to remember the route and transfer location in advance, and take a map with you. Importantly, maps are displayed at all railway stations and carriages. Therefore, you’d better not open maps on carriages and streets unless you have to and not get too close to the edge when waiting because the passages of New York subway have been pushed off the platform by people who is mentally abnormal many times. The people who sit on the seats next to the entrance are more likely to be robbed by gangsters and it is not safe to take the subway alone late at night, especially if there are unfriendly-looking men in the carriage.


4. On foot: The police officers in the United State patrol by car when they are on duty, so you should obey the traffic rules even there are few people and cars. Pedestrians who jaywalk may incur the fine of $100 by the police. Also, you need to remember not to run through red lights. To cross the road, you have to press the button and wait until the green light is on. Until then, it is OK to cross the road.


When you are on the road alone, it is necessary to worry about our valuables. Therefore, it is important to keep them safely. In general, there are safe bags designed for keeping money and things safely. And there is a large variety of safe bags.


To addition, it's worth mentioning that waist bags are a kind of safety bags placed around the waist to ensure that our finances are kept under close watch. Moreover, the small and complex structure of the waist bags and chest bags can fully meet our needs of carrying multiple items, which also makes it more difficult to steal.

Thanks for reading and hope you can have fun in America.

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