8 Types Of Backpackers

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Eight types of backpackers

Backpackers, also known as travel lovers, generally refer to people who wander around in groups or alone, that is, those who carry backpacks for long-distance self-help trips, who are now mainly those who go mountain climbing, trekking, exploring, and so on in groups in search of excitement. The purpose is to know the world, self, challenge limits and so on through travel. Another term in China is the travel friend, which is taken from the homonym of "travel friend", the meaning of "travel friend". Taiwan calls them self-help travelers or self-help tourists, while Hong Kong calls them backpackers.

Eight types of backpackers

Before this, I also did not know the original backpacker also has the different classification and the definition. So let me take a look at the specific classification of the backpack. The same travel spirit, different modes of travel, will have preferences, purposes, performance of different backpackers. By contrast, see what kind of backpacker you are.

1. Idle backpacker

Like to spend a period of time in one place, even small villages will stay for more than half a month, very few people travel in a hurry. These backpackers usually play at leisure, no one is rushing to see the scenic spots, and no one is on the road every day. They just regard travel as a normal and relaxing way of life.

2. Wandering backpacker

This is a backpacker with no purpose, no plans, just time limits. "where are you going?" what car? "what do you want to play with?" These questions are not answered by all these backpackers. Their idea of travel is that, like the wind, it is where it blows.

3. Economical backpacker

This kind of backpacker travel radius is relatively small, many backpackers travel within a certain range of routes, or which route discount to go where, after all, travel costs account for a large part. This type of backpacker is proud to spend the least money on travel, save on travel, cook his own food, choose cheap transportation, and stay in a youth hostel, but there are gourmet foods and a cost-effective small hotel will also live in the experience.

4. Companion backpacker

Like company travel is the characteristic of Chinese backpackers, this kind of backpackers always feel that walking alone is very dangerous, like to find friends to travel together, if friends do not have time, on-line date.

5. Lonely backpacker

Young Chinese backpackers and foreign backpackers are basically this type. They meet and get together during the journey. A few days later, they are still on their own road, and they do not want to get along with each other for the fun of walking together, because the partnership will cause many aspects to be uncoordinated. Walking alone, though lonely, is freer and purer.

6. Strategic backpacker 

This is a very interesting phenomenon, some backpackers like to print a stack of "playbook" travel, follow the previous road. Playbook "refers to a backpacker who writes his or her travel process and local travel information to various forums for sharing." Introduction is very personal, unless you are exactly the same as the author's preferences, there is no need to replicate other people's long travel. No accident occurred during the trip is a boring trip, of course, travel information can be shared.

7.Thematic backpacker

Compared with "playbook" travel, this kind of backpacker's travel has the strong individuation characteristic. Photography-themed travel is becoming more and more popular in various countries.

8.Ready-to-use backpacker

"equipment" refers to outdoor supplies. Many junior backpackers always ask what kind of equipment they want to buy, but a good backpack is enough. When there are no professional activities such as hiking and mountaineering, the requirements for outdoor clothing items are zero. Unless you are a professional photographer, recording the journey of the card machine can be satisfied, the result of bringing a SLR is tired of yourself. But if there are self-driving, hiking, desert travel and other journeys, the corresponding professional equipment is necessary.

The development of backpackers has gradually formed their own unique cultural style, just like the American western cowboy, backpackers have their own preferences, have their own personality, have their own style.

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