Bali Travel Guide

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Bali travel guide

The famous Bali, Indonesia is one of the more than 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago. It is one of the most beautiful and distinctive tourist destinations in Asia.

Bali Attractions  

★Jimbaran Beach  

Beaches, blue seas and tropical sunshine are three things that Bali does not regret. At sunset, you can transfer to Jimbaran Beach to see Bali's most famous sunset, watching the dazzling sunshine fade away, just like the sunset of the egg yolk and the fishing boat, gradually fading, giving a very comfortable and quiet. Many backpackers like to live in Jimbaran Beach. There are only two reasons. One is to watch the sunset and the other is to eat seafood. The BBQ and seafood dinner at Jimbaran Beach is very famous. The memory includes a huge black pepper crab, a barbecue fish, several grilled shrimps and oysters, and a large coconut. 

★Tanah Lot Temple

There are many temples in Bali, most of them are stone gates, stone towers and stone statues. No matter how long the years are, they are all covered with moss and full of history. The most famous is the Tanah Lot Temple. Although it does not look tall, the Tanah Lot Temple Going deep into the sea, the background is the vast sea, but there is a magnificent shock.  

Balinese cuisine   

Local Balinese cuisine: Indonesian fried rice, grilled pork chop, roast suckling pig, and mango juice are delicious. Here are a few highlights for several restaurants and cuisines:  

★ The POPIES restaurant in the Kuta area of Bali is a restaurant set in the garden of its own small courtyard. The salad, Indonesian fried rice, roast chicken and freshly squeezed mango juice are delicious in this restaurant.  

★ Babi Guling, opposite the Ubud Palace, is a famous Balinese dish. The whole suckling pig is filled with spices and grilled on the fire until the skin is crispy and tender. It’s so fragrant! The roast suckling pigs here have been considered by some diners to be the most delicious roast pork rice in the world. Don't miss it! 

Bali accommodation

Recommended accommodation in Bali: The local area generally chooses to live in Nusa Dua Beach and Kuta Beach.

★ Nusa Dua Beach is full of luxury five-star hotels, very quiet, the hotel's environment is beautiful! In the evening, I heard the waves on the beach and patted the beach. If you want to take a leisure break, this is a bit of a paradise.

★ kuta beach is a lively place with lots of people. The beach is full of people who are basking in the sun and various small business hawkers. There are also many famous local singers who dance and dance. There are many dazzling streets. Small shops, friends who like to live and shop here are a good choice.

Travel itinerary

There are many routes to Bali. The vast majority of people's itinerary is: first flight to Kuala Lumpur/Singapore/Hong Kong/Jakarta. As for the transfer, depending on the specific ticket price and flight time, on the other hand see if you are interested in transit.

Bali Travel Essentials 

★Music CD

In the hotel, there are generally cd machines and stereos that can be played. You can bring some music discs you like. When you enjoy the evening desserts and the morning clothes, you will be happy in the accompaniment of the beautiful music. mood. 

★Toilet water

There are many mosquitoes in Bali, and there are mosquito coils available in the hotel. But there is no way to have a tanning booth and a lot of outdoor restaurants. You can only bring some toilet water to prevent mosquitoes. Prepared the spray-type Liushen dew in advance, which is convenient when needed.

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