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 "It's a drowsy afternoon." although it has been 20 years ago, Mr. Zhang still clearly remembered the first time he met A.C. in a remote small booth in spring fair 1997. The exhibition time has passed, the afternoon customer xixilala, rarely went into the booth, Mr. Zhang looked back to the channel rack hanging padlock in full to the brim of the diversiform." Can I see this lock? "I do not know what time to come to the booth 2 tall foreigner, one of the elders with golden eyes, fingers hanging in a suit top rack combination padlock. Mr. Zhang quickly handed him off set samples. "Can I open to check?" the elder, pointing to the smallest lock inside, asked. "Here you are." Zhang tore open the package and handed the small lock out to the elders. The elders carefully check the small lock, open and close with a key, try a few times, and turned on the edge of the companion muttered a few words, turn over and asked: "can I take this mini lock?" "Yes. Of Course!" "Thanks!" the elderly smiled and pulled out a name card...... In the 10 years after that, AC became one of the most closely cooperated customers. Before his luggage lock by Hongkong trading company to purchase the mainland trading company, and trade companies often transform different factory, causing the lock price AC purchase is high, quality is not stable, large differences between batches, so he felt a headache. Since the cooperation with TRAVELSKY, AC has been satisfied with the reasonable price, stable quality and smooth delivery. Until then, he didn't buy these boxes and locks from other companies until he retired. The main customer of F company is WAL-MART, and products from TRAVELSKY continuously send to stores of WAL-MART through F. During rush hours, nearly 2 million 500 thousand locks are sent each year. The cooperation between the two sides also extends from a single key bag to a password box, luggage, luggage, and flocking inflatable pillow. F has quickly become a major customer of TRAVELSKY, especially in F by large electronics company C after the acquisition, TRAVELSKY will promote the products of Kmart, Walgreens, CVS, BestBuy and many other snack giant, business volume is TRAVELSKY year after year among the forefront of all customers.
 The 911 event in 2001 completely changed the market for luggage and luggage travel. For safety reasons, the Transportation Security Administration TSA once appealed to passengers not to lock luggage, so as to facilitate security check. This makes it difficult for passengers to lock their luggage when they travel. T, which is one of the most famous brands VICTORINOX in the world, is also looking for a solution. It turns out that Ms. Adrianne Brandt, the development manager of T company, has a unique vision. She contacts TRAVELSKY on the Internet and hopes to work together to develop new luggage locks. Through many efforts, it is understood that TRAVEL SENTRY has developed a set of TSA - approved package lock system, which has been listed in November 2003. The company quickly made TRAVEL SENTRY become the first authorized TSA lock manufacturer, and soon developed a bag in full compliance with the TSA standard of the lock, very satisfied with the T company, soon. Not only that, with TRAVELSKY strong development strength, gradually developing with T rotating luggage tag, flannelette set air pillow, flannel goggles and a series of travel activities, and the series of products to the United States TARGET, Messi department store, JCP, Dillards and many other known high-end retailers. In the following 4-5 years, the annual supply amount reached nearly $2 million 500 thousand, and once became the largest customer of TRAVELSKY.
 In early 2004, B, Canada's largest luggage retailer, contacted TRAVELSKY through the Internet, and asked B to develop its own brand of all series travel products in its own chain stores. Until then, B has been collecting goods from many local importers and brands. There are many brands and different styles of packaging in a series, which are very uncoordinated, and the price is high and the profit is thin. In order to improve the image of the company and improve the efficiency of business, B company decided to create a full range of products of independent brand. However, after negotiating with several Chinese companies, because of the many products, high requirements and difficult children. B VP Leonard G understands that TRAVELKSY is the first company specializing in running a full range of travel products in China. It calls on the phone and asks for an interview with the Shanghai office. After half a year in both hard work and meticulous work hard, overcome many difficulties, finally successfully developed a complete series of travel accessories, after the listing has been highly recognized by consumers, products sold, was once praised as buyers phenomenal performance! The buyer, who is directly responsible for the project, has been awarded the TOP BUYER. by B company for several years to achieve a win-win situation.
 B, a young player in Holland, is a professional poker player and Hiker.. In 2015, he co founded TM company with her friend P in the US, and opened a shop that runs travel products on Amazon. The two people compared several suppliers through the network, and finally decided to order thousands of TSA customs locks to TRAVELSKY. Sales are rising rapidly after the product is on the shelf. The shrewd B left a heart, and he tried to buy from other suppliers and make a comparison in the meantime. TRAVELSKY strong resources integration ability and professional marketing team, always do on time delivery, quality stability, smooth communication. No comparison, no harm. B quietly stopped buying TSA customs lock from other suppliers, and the order of explosive charge to TRAVELSKY. was less than a year. B network store's explosive TSA customs lock made the whole Amazon the first, and the annual sales volume was nearly 200 thousand. The first product is a hit, greatly inspired the B and P, two people continue to discuss with the TRAVELSKY to expand the product series, adding new tag and conversion plug, wash bag, hidden close document package, bag and other more than 20 products, and opened a store in Holland in the Amazon above, the annual sales volume of over $2 million. Moreover, B and P, who have been inspired by online stores, see more business opportunities. They seek to be the distributor of TRAVELSKY brand products in Holland, and look forward to synchronizing online and offline.

 BAUBAX multifunctional travel Jacket - to launch multifunctional travel jacket first with 15 innovative and popular all over the world geeks respected BAUBAX companies, in the initial stage of development, due to the design requirements in the jacket collar hidden inside an inflatable travel pillow, pillow requirements of moderate size, completely fit the collar, and easily inflated and deflated, also must be very comfortable. For this reason, BAUBAX found several suppliers in Shenzhen and Shanghai, but they were not satisfied until they saw the patent air valve EZ Valve of TRAVELSKY. The problem of air valve is solved, but the air pillow itself is still a problem. The space inside the collar is small, and the height of the inflatable pillow is not enough. At the same time, the collar is straight, while the air pillow is U shaped around the neck. How to solve it? Considering that the project has been launched on the US public financing website Kickstarter and Indiegogo, in order to deliver the goods at the appointed time, the sample must be completed within a week, and the large cargo must be delivered within 2 months. The time is tight and the demand is high. The TRAVELSKY leader has set up the senior business manager and the senior engineer and so on. In times of brainstorming, engineers proposed a creative use of gas pillow internal reinforcement ways to reduce the thickness of the pillow while increasing the height of the pillow, so the collar of small space, high support problems while using more soft and smoothly done or easily solved, the strength of the material and add sweat cloth cover to increase product comfort. So when the air is completely released, the whole inflatable pillow can be completely concealed in the jacket collar, and when the gas is full, the collar can become U type and is surrounded by the neck comfortably. In order to produce qualified samples as scheduled, design engineers, mould workers and proofing personnel worked overtime day and night, and repaired the samples many times, and produced a sample that exactly meets the design requirements within a week. The design and sample were highly praised by BAUBAX company. The sample and the first 150 thousand orders were confirmed on the spot. The end of the project to raise the public has achieved great success, just a few months to raise a total of more than $11 million, becoming the first fully deserve clothing products, but also to raise public platform to raise funds in the history of more than 6 of the project.

 DuoPillow this guest is a pair of glasses. The first inquiry is also from Ali backstage. You want us to help with a inflatable pillow. In order to make this product, the guest has also specially come to our department to open the meeting. After the product is finished, the guests are satisfied. The public raised the public at once on the Internet. The result is very good, too. The number of two orders is close to 2W+, and the purchase amount is close to 10W. The product is very good for this product.
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