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Travel goods industry is divided into product function, so the products involved in many industries, such as textile, leather, metal, plastic, machinery and electronics, product development, to production and quality control in the process of professional knowledge, large span; travel goods (rod boxes, bags except) the value of a single product low volume is limited, so is the small and medium-sized factories, consciousness, technology, management, team lack, difficult to control. Consumer demand for product quality and color is high and more.
28 years of industry experience, strong and experienced R & D and marketing team, in accordance with the European standards to build its own production base, supporting suppliers long-term stable, perfect management system, the most complete and large series of products; whether it is the world's top chain store, or shop, or business gifts, whether it is OEM, ODM still, brand distribution, can take time for ease, both from a single product; 500 thousand large, single box single product orders, can quickly meet customer demand.


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Think of the customers
The biggest advantage of the company is the full range of products, for the major professional customers, they can buy all the travel products he wants to buy in our company. For small customers, we can also sell TravelSky products in a small batch.
World tested travel accessories
Hangzhou Travelsky Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of travel accessories. Our company offers one of the most complete range of travel accessory products and can supply luggage straps...



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