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Do you Know How to use the make up bags?

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Do you Know How to use the make up bags?

With the improvement of our living standards, we have more and more entertainments and are willing to have a travel when we have sufficient spare time, which not only helps us relax ourselves physically and psychologically but also broadens our horizons. However, regardless of a short-term travel or a long-term travel, we have to prepare for that in various aspects so that travel bags have become a must for those who like to have a trip. Additionally, if you are a noble lady, a make up bag is extremely essential as well. Therefore, I intend to share some tips about the cosmetic bag arrangement, expecting to help you have a enjoyable trip. 

How to arrange the make up bag

Beyond doubts, the first principle of cosmetic bag arrangement is to ensure that it is very compact and can meet our fundamental needs. Therefore, we had better bring skin care products that have multiple functions at the same time, such as mask trilogy. Of course, if you can choose some products that can be abandoned after being used, there will save some space and reduce some weight. What is more, make up bags are often small enough to lay into only several make-ups, so you should know what is the most necessary. 

Moreover, when you plan to purchase a make up bag, it is the cosmetic bag with separated layers that is the best choice for you. Provided that there are massive separated layers, you are more easy to arrange the make up bag and find what you need in a short time. Based on that, you can put what you use more frequently in the topmost separated layer, such as lipstick and sunscreen cream, and put what you use less frequently in the bottom separated layer. That will cut down many unnecessary troubles and guarantee a happy trip. 

In the end, you can prepare some transparent sealed bags to wrap up  what you bring separately to avoid leaking, blending with each other and staining the make up bags. 

What should be put into the make up bag


For people with long hair, comb is a must whether in the morning or in the evening. And according to experience of living hotels, the comb they provide is usually difficult to use. So you’d better to bring a comb with you. 

2.Skin care products

First of all, it's better to have small and medium samples. If you don't have them, you can buy partial bottles. The moisturizing mask should be taken because when you come to a new place that your skin cannot adjust to immediately, your skin will easily become dry and even peel. In addition, you can bring some necessary skin care products according to your personal needs. 


It is enough to take a make-up tray. But if you don’t have one, you can take sunscreen, air cushion, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow and lipstick. Eye shadow had better be versatile so that you can take less make-ups. Two lipsticks are enough. 


4.Wash supplies

Wash supplies should be prepared specially because what hotels offer is uncomfortable to use. You can buy a travel suit or small samples. 

Simply put, when you plan to travel, you have to know what should be taken and what shouldn’t so that you can have a light travel bags and reap a fantastic trip. 

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