Eight Major Summer Tourist Attractions in the World

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Eight Major Summer Tourist Attractions in the World

With summer comes, people are looking for summer resort, but where is the world good place for summer travel?

1. The introduction of summer resorts around the world

(1) Bali

Traveling in Bali, you can experience the rich Indonesian culture and history, or you can try and experience the batik process in Indonesia and look at traditional folk performances. What you respect more is the exotic island scenery in Indonesia.

(2) Thailand

As a state of Buddhism, Thailand has become a unique choice in many tourist vacation plans due to its varied scenery and rich cultural connotations. Thailand is known in the world as "the country of Buddhism", "the country of elephants", "the country of smiles" and other reputation.

The country of thousands of Buddhas in Thai temples, faith is the country of smiles; With its islands, cuisine and unique culture, this is a natural tourist country. 

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(3) Viet Nam

When it comes to Southeast Asia, Thailand is all too familiar, but there is one place that has been forgotten -- Vietnam, you have no idea what a surprise it can be. Riding around the island of Manet, eating a seafood mud bath, quietly watching the sea next to a cabin in Da Nang, and experiencing the lives of locals in Ho Chi Minh City.

(4) Wales

Many people want to feel the countryside of foreign countries. This is a place to go. There are many similar villages in Britain, but Wales attracts many tourists with its own geographical advantages. Summer July, the place will hold a variety of activities, you can enjoy a long afternoon in the coffee shop in English afternoon tea, the eyes of all the beautiful scenery. At that time, local people will introduce visitors to their food and share their cooking tips.

(5) Baden

This place is located in Germany and it is used as a psychological treatment room. But it's not all about the calm, cozy style.

When it comes to foreign villages, we can all imagine many people sitting together singing country music. Yeah, there's one of the most fascinating things about it, and it's the festival, and it's annual! Then you will be able to release the troubles and blues of your life to the rhythm of music.

(6) Manchester

This is also a small town in the United Kingdom. You may have seen the film "Manchester by the Sea." Yes, it was in this town. Here, with the distant hills, the cries of gulls, the small slapping of the sea against the shore, the people here are relatively peaceful, everything feels comfortable, and it is also a place to relax and experience nature.

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(7) Tuscany

When you think of Italy, the old buildings, the streets, the feeling of a kind of lazy sun on your body. There are many wineries in Italy, and if you are traveling here, be sure to find someone familiar with it, take you to the local Orthodox winery and experience the process of winemaking. Life is also slowly brewed like winemaking. The exceptionally mild summer here may be due to Latitude. It does not have subtropical and tropical high temperatures and is more suitable for summer play.

(8) Reunion Island

Many people may not have heard of this place, but it is also a popular place in France. It has active volcanoes, beautiful seaside views, waterfalls, tropical beaches and forests. Most important of all, it is tempting for Chinese tourists to visit here without a visa. This is such a place to spend a beautiful summer, should also leave a good memory!

2. Some travel items that need to be prepared during the journey to the summer resort

A travel bag is necessary in the trip, whatever you want to carry, you can take it in the travel bag. Inflatable pillows are essential during flight, and the absence of a pillow during a long flight can cause irreparable damage to your neck and feet, so inflatable neck pillow and inflatable foot rest pillow is essential. If you want to have high quality’s sleep during travel. The eye mask is a very useful thing.

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