How to Avoid Pickpockets in Europe?

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How to Avoid Pickpockets in Europe?

Travel is a very relaxing and wonderful thing. But if you encounter a thief while traveling,if losing money and items will inevitably affect your mood. This article tells you how to prevent being cheated when traveling in Europe.



Places with lots of people are often vulnerable to thieves, such as Barcelona subway stations, train stations, famous sights, crowds of street performers, restaurants and cafes, museums, etc. When you are crowded, you can put valuables In the chest bag, you can see it when you look down, the thief has no chance to steal your things.


How to Avoid Pickpockets in Europe?

Avoid Becoming a Target

As a tourist, it is very difficult for you to carry your camera or luggage. These are obvious signs.

How can we avoid becoming a target for thieves?

1. Don't carry an open or zipless backpack, even if you like it very much.

2. When taking pictures, especially when there are many people, don't just pay attention to it and pose.

3. Travel with friends and family, even when standing down to check the road or buy things, don't concentrate on that matter, at least one person is always vigilant.

4. When you take your child with you and carry a lot of things, the thief will stare at you. As long as your focus is on the child, things will be easily stolen.A chest bag can help you reduce a lot of trouble.


Stealing Way

1. Let you sign the petition

They will ask you first: "Do you speak English?"

Or take a piece of paper and let you sign and agree to help them petition. It looks very human and pathetic. Once you stop and sign, there will be a bunch of people around, you can't get out unless you give money.

2. Front and rear pinch on the elevator

In front of the elevator, one person pretends to drop something, he blocks your way, and then the person behind you takes the opportunity to approach you and steal your things.

3. Transfer your attention

The subway station cooperates with two people. One person accidentally soils your clothes, which diverts your attention and another person steals your luggage.

There are also tourists who buy tickets at the machine and don't pay attention to their suitcases. The thief will steal your suitcase at this time.

4. Instant robbery at the entrance of the subway

You sit at the subway door and look at the mobile phone. The robber will take your mobile phone in front of the subway.


How to Avoid Pickpockets in Europe?

The Way of Deception

1.False police

In Eastern Europe or Western Europe, thieves wear uniforms like police, or sleeves with the word Security or something similar. They look for you to check your ID and will steal you when you panic.

2. Change counterfeit banknotes

Don't exchange money with people who are not on the counter. They will claim that it is more cost-effective to exchange money with them than at the counter. But it is fake money for you.

3.Pick ring

When you pick up the ring, the thief will come to tell you that his religion or other reasons lead him to not bring the ring, he let you deal with it, but you need to give him some money.

4. Compulsory trading

Don't be pulled by someone to tie your hand rope. Once you are tied, you will be asked to buy it. In places where there are many pigeons, some people will give you a corn kernel to feed the pigeons. If you are not prepared to spend money, don't pick them up. After picking up the pigeons, they will charge you.


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