How to Better Take Photos Underwater?

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How to Better Take Photos Underwater?

Underwater photography offers many exciting and rare photography opportunities. Even if you don't want to look for a shipwreck or a cave, just want to take a picture of one or two fish, the experience of underwater photography is very exciting. Although there are countless unique photo opportunities under the surface of the water, how to take beautiful underwater photos is also a problem that plagues many photographers. Don't worry, today's article is mainly about teaching you how to take underwater photos.


Common equipment when taking pictures underwater

Experienced underwater photographers use large underwater camera  that must hold the device with both hands throughout the dive. They have a tether that is used to slap the camera on their BCD to make sure they don't lose their device when they have to use both hands. Over time, they have had quite high control skills, allowing them to be almost completely free when they dive.


But for many people, they don't have such expensive professional underwater cameras. If you only have one phone and you also want to take beautiful underwater photos, what should you do? At this time you need a mobile phone underwater photography equipment - a high quality travel waterproof pouch. The sealed travel waterproof pouch can effectively protect the mobile phone under the water, allowing you to take beautiful underwater photos as you like.



Why Do You Take Photos So Badly Underwater?

Your first set of underwater photos will definitely impress any friends and relatives who are not diving, but you will not be satisfied with these photos for the following two reasons:


First, your underwater shooting style is peculiar. In your selfie photo, you don't look like the mermaid image you imagined. You look awkward and clumsy, your hair is floating around, and the eyes under the frame look huge. Your arms and legs stand out at strange angles.


Second, your photo background is not wonderful enough. Everything you shoot underwater is blurry and has the same dark blue-green color. The photos of the marine life you photographed are mainly those that disappeared, and there is a big difference between what you imagined.


A big step in solving the first problem is to listen to your coach, see how they do it . You should fasten your belt and close both ends to secure the line to your harness. Use the right flippers to kick, not just aiming your feet. Focus on keeping your arms and hands close to your body.


Tips about styling: If your hair is floating, you can tie it up or wear a headscarf. Also, don't stare at the camera when you pose for a photo, and it's best to look elsewhere in the field of vision.


And now we focus on how to solve the second problem.



How to Better Take Photos Underwater?

Beautiful underwater photos are not automatically generated, you have to learn how to shoot them. The best way is to take a course organized by an underwater photographer. Some professionals know the tricks which are easy to learn and apply, no matter what device you use. Of course, it's hard to make photos that are as good as the quality of the magazine. It takes years of practice to build that level. However, you will be amazed at the dramatic advances in the quality of the photos you took after class.


A good underwater photography course can also bring amazing effects to your diving skills. It will improve your buoyancy control and help you stay still in the water. After all, if you can't maintain balance under the water, you won't be able to take clear and surprising photos.


Underwater photography is indeed a exciting adventure, so it requires more patience and practice.

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