How to Find Your Lost Luggage?

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How to Find Your Lost Luggage?

This article mainly introduces how to deal with the loss of baggage in the consignment.

When traveling abroad, most people will go through duty-free shops and buy things they like. So, what if these things were lost in the consignment?

According to statistics, one check-in baggage is lost in every 200 airports around the world. If you encounter the problem of lost luggage, what can you do to solve it?


1. Identify the Responsible Person

If you are a passenger who transfers several times and loses your luggage, the airline who takes the terminal is responsible for the claim according to the "Terminal Compensation Rule". When your baggage is in trouble, you should go to the baggage inquiry desk at the airport to consult and declare immediately. Show your checked baggage receipt and check the whereabouts of your baggage through the Global Baggage Inquiry System.


If you have lost or delayed baggage, you must contact the local airline office within 21 days (from the date the baggage is delivered to the recipient), and the baggage damage declaration period does not exceed 7 days, otherwise it will be regarded as automatic waiver of rights. If notifications are sent by letter, fax or e-mail, the deadline is determined by postmark or automatic display of the date of receipt.


How to Find Your Lost Luggage?

2. Receive Delayed Baggage Registration Number

Whether you find your baggage or not at the time of inquiry, you will get a "Delayed Baggage Registration Number". With this number, you can check the current baggage status on the airline's official website and modify the baggage delivery information and contact information if necessary.


3. Find the Right Place to Wait

If it has been confirmed that the luggage is somewhere and can arrive at your airport within a few hours, it is recommended that you wait for it at the airport. If you can't confirm the baggage's whereabouts for the time being, but it can't be delivered that day, you can leave a delivery address and contact information, and then leave the airport first.


How to Find Your Lost Luggage?

4. Avoid Baggage Loss

(1) Stick or tie a unique label on the inside and outside of your luggage. The label on the outside is best placed at the handle of the luggage bag. The main function of the label is to prove that the luggage is yours.

(2) You can distinguish your suitcase by color. It's also a good idea to find brightly colored straps to wrap around your bags or suitcases to make handles or luggage straps.

(3) You can lock the suitcase. International flights do not require that luggage be locked, but using luggage lock can effectively protect your personal property. If the luggage can be opened at will, the thieves will immediately turn over the previous things and destroy the remains.

(4) Before boarding, tear off all the luggage tags on your suitcase before you fly. Although not very useful, it can help staff quickly confirm the flight information corresponding to baggage and improve work efficiency.

(5) You can buy insurance for your luggage. Buy an insurance policy for your luggage so that the insurance company will claim even if something goes wrong. Especially when carrying valuables, it is particularly important to buy insurance. 

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