How to Kill Time on a Long Flight?

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How to Kill Time on a Long Flight?

If you are about to start a long flight of more than 10 hours, how do you use the time? Sleeping or staring at the screen to watch the show? Here are a few ways to make your long journey no longer boring.


NO.1 Dazing and Thinking

Modern people have a tight life and have to work hard. They are anxious about socializing and tired. The time in the sky can finally free you from the noisy, watching the vast sky, admiring the white clouds, leaving your mind blank, dazed, or thinking about something that is not important but practical. This state of leisure not only helps to activate the cerebral cortex, but also activates your creativity, inspiration, and memory.

How to Kill Time on a Long Flight?

NO.2 In-Flight Spa

You may wonder how to do a spa on the plane? Waiting for hours or even ten hours in a dry cabin, the pressure on the skin and body is great, so hydration and maintenance are very important! Exquisite crystal girls are never bored. They like to prepare a full set of maintenance equipment in advance. They use the time to go to the spa on the plane. Their standard is a maintenance kit. They are always equipped with moisturizing water, mask, essential oil, lipstick and eye cream. Class, they sleep after a spa, then simplistic makeup before going off the plane, whether it is business negotiation or immediate play, it looks beautiful and spirited.



NO.3 Drawing and Writing

You have a lot of quiet and focused time in flight. You can do some things that you can't do when you have a rare space. Follow the inspiration and draw a funny little picture, whether it's a graffiti or a live copy, or record your own things, this is a meaningful experience. Painting and writing can enhance your concentration, shift your anxiety and relieve stress, which is fun and advanced.


How to Kill Time on a Long Flight?

NO.4 Research Flight Route

For business travellers, they have a set of rules for using time on the plane. After processing the meeting content on the laptop, they will stretch their muscles slightly and ask the flight attendant to have a cup of coffee and then open the flying "air mode". They will study their real-time flight dynamics to see how fast they are flying, how high the altitude is, how much latitude and longitude, which city is above, how the weather is around, how long it takes to reach the destination.etc. They always know the environment and conditions.



NO.5 Yoga

It is the hardest thing to be enclosed in a small seat for a long time. Especially for economy class passengers, the seat width is narrower and the front and rear gaps are smaller. It takes a few hours or even ten hours to fly, and the body is sour and stiff. It is self-evident that this is the reason why most people are afraid of flying. In fact, even if the seat is narrow, you can stretch the lower bones in a small range, set the flight yoga, let the neck, shoulders and arms stretch slightly,which let the body be a lot comfortable.



NO.6 Sleeping

Sleeping on the plane is the most common way to kill time, but sleeping in a narrow seat for a long time, you will find that your shoulders are sore after waking up, your feet are swollen because they can't open. Picking up a few practical small items can improve your sleep. Carrying a travel pillow will give your neck a strong support and relieve shoulder pain. The foot rest pillowwill relax and free your feet. You have to find everything that will make you comfortable.

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