How to Make Your Luggage Last Using?

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How to Make Your Luggage Last Using?

Pull-rod boxes are essential for travel. Most families will have a pull-rod box. It will be convenient and labor-saving to travel or take luggage with them. But each pull-rod box has its own service life. Do you know how long pull-rod boxes can be used in general?


The quality of the tie-rod box can not only depend on the appearance of the box, but also on the material of the box and the quality of the accessories. The service life of the cheap and beautiful tie-rod box is certainly not long. Ordinary soft tie-rod boxes can be used for 3 to 5 years, and hard boxes can be used for 5 to 10 years. But when we usually use it, it will cause different degrees of wear and tear. The service life of the box may be shorter, so maintaining the tie-rod box can prolong the service life of the box.


How to Make Your Luggage Last?

1. In the application environment of tie-rod box, it should be avoided to use in the environment of high temperature, strong acid, strong alkali and high pressure. These environments usually deform the tie-rod box.


2. Be careful to avoid scratches on sharp knives.


3. Pay attention to the usual cleaning methods. Usually use cold water to clean, but do not iron, it will burn the epidermis.


4. The environment of the tie-rod box should be preserved to avoid being in a wet environment for a long time, which will make the tie-rod box lose its original endurance.


5. As for the commonly used tie-rod box, it is necessary to use cotton cloth to scrub the metal parts. This can effectively avoid fading.


6. Try not to let the tie-rod box walk on some uneven roads. Otherwise, the loss of the wheels of the tie-rod box will be great.


7. When the tie-rod box is idle, it can be covered with a dust-proof bag and ventilated regularly. In this way, the aging of some parts of the tie-rod box can be delayed.



How to Maintain Each Parts of Luggage?


The Surface of the Box

Most of the pull-rod boxes will be bought back with a luggage cover, we must not throw it away. When we do not use the box, we can put the luggage cover on the box to avoid falling ash or scratching damage. If the box is dirty, we can use toothpaste, milk, lemon, white vinegar and other regular cleaning, in order to avoid discoloration and discoloration of the surface. If the luggage cover is lost, you can buy another one.



Wheels are the most easily worn parts of the tie-rod box, so we must protect the wheels. When not in use, keep the box in a dry place, preferably flat. Don't put heavy things on the box. Avoid unnecessary knocks when you use them.



We should not pack our luggage too full, otherwise the zipper will burst easily. Pull slowly and don't be too violent. Wax can be applied to the zipper to make the zipper smoother.


Pull Rod

The tie rod should be withdrawn when it is not in use. We have to choose a good quality pull rod, so that it is not easy to rust and break. Pull slowly when you use it, which can also extend the service life.


Luggage Lock

Luggage locks are generally not easily damaged. We may forget the password. Don't use violence to pry it open. It's better to find professional technicians.



Don't load the tie-rod box too heavy, otherwise the handle may be disconnected. Check the connection of the handle before use to avoid problems during the journey.


Nowadays, the pull-rod box is full of our life. Usually, we use it for business trips, travel, school and so on. The tie-rod box has become a necessary item. Attention to maintenance can make our pull-rod box last longer.

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