How to Pack a Suitcase?

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How to Pack a Suitcase?

When holidays come, many people choose to travel. In order to avoid all kinds of fuss before going out, it is necessary to mention the baggage collection and arrangement before departure. Many people have a particular headache in packing their luggage and have no clue at all. Here are some tips for packing.


We need to take out unnecessary things when we tidy up the suitcase. Just keep the most important things. The more you bring, the harder you will be.


In fact, we recommend that you make a list of items you must take with you first. Make sure that important items are not missing, and pack your luggage 24 hours in advance. It will save a lot of effort.


Clothing Classification

We can first concentrate on items and classify them. Then we can pack it.


Tourist goods can be classified into the following categories.


1. Clothing and accessories: clothes, underwear, shoes, socks, sunglasses, scarves, etc.


2. Documents: ID card, passport, cash, credit card, debit card, etc.


3. Drugs: Standing-by medicines, health medicines, cold and fever, fire and diarrhea and other emergency medicines;


4. Cleaning items: paper towels, towels, facial cleansers, shampoos, etc.


5. Nursing items: lotion, sunscreen and hygienic products for women.


6, make-up items: lipstick, powder and so on;


7. Electronic equipment: charger, mobile phone, notebook computer;


8. Travel items: water cups, raincoats/umbrellas, plastic bags or sealed bags (one for garbage, one for wearing underwear, socks, one for moisture-proof).



Clothes Packing

Unlike shirts, T-shirts can be rolled into small fixed rolls. Rolling volume saves more space and produces almost no creases. The point here is to roll the T-shirt tightly so that the clothes can be discharged more tightly.


Because of the material, there will be creases in the shirt whether it is rolled or folded separately. Then you have to find other clothes to pad up and roll up with it. Ideal clothing is pants or a slightly thicker coat. We'd better roll it up with our matching clothes. This is convenient to take out and wear at one time.


Vacuum handrolls and vacuum compression bags can help a lot. When traveling in autumn and winter, thick coats are packed entirely in vacuum compression bags, which can save almost 80% of their space. There's another thing called a vacuum handroll that perfectly eliminates the extra space in underwear.



Utilize Packing Cubes

Small items are sealed into receipt bags in different categories. In order to facilitate the search, cosmetics, skin care products, gargle and accessories can be classified. Cosmetics can be put into packing cube. The toiletries can be put in the toiletry bag. We should remember the dry-wet separation. Liquid items set a layer of protective bags.



Ways of Placing Clothes

Although the rolled-up clothes have been very convenient to take out, we can also be more meticulous. We should put clothes in different categories. You can choose to put the same kind of clothes together, or you can choose to put together the clothes that match the day. After sorting, they are packed into different packing cube. At a glance, it saves the time of travel to find what to look for in the hotel and which bag to turn over. Easy to start a good holiday journey!



If we can learn these tidying tips, it will bring great convenience. Because packing your luggage well can not only save space, but also bring us a good mood, especially when we travel.

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