How to Release the Pressure from Waist?

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What's on The Waist?

The waist is the master of all, like the large axis of the power machinery. A sick waist, it is a disease of all diseases, a heavy waist disease, then he is also heavy illness. If the waist can not be effectively relaxed, forever, there may be many unexpected problems.

When a person is seated, a intervertebral disc is subjected to three times timesheavier pressure than the torso. During the driving process, if you maintain a sitting position for a long time, the pressure on the intervertebral disc will gradually accumulate. At first, it will lead to the flow of blood in the waist, lactic acid gradually increased, the appearance of lumbar acid swelling and other feelings, if not treated and protected, will gradually oppress the back, resulting in lumbar muscle strain and lumbar spine disease. So in the driving process, you can choose the car waist depends on such products to protect the waist.

How to Release the Pressure from Waist?

Automobile waist by perfect fit into the human waist, give the human body good support, effectively alleviate the long drive brought by the waist fatigue and tiredness, cushion on the human body has no pressure point, the lumbar pain has a very good relief. Can bring people a relaxed and comfortable driving atmosphere. Cute car shape waist, can also play the role of decoration.

On the market waist cushion inner core is usually divided into several categories: down, sponge, cotton, cloud PP cotton, latex and other materials, the material is different, the use is also different. It is recommended that owners choose products that are flexible and comfortable to feel at the time of purchase. Waist shape Of course also to vary from person to person, feel elastic oneself feel put in the chair on the appropriate best. A suitable shape, soft hardness, thickness, elasticity are appropriate, in the symmetrical coordination with the Chair, the position is placed correctly, you can reduce most of the waist pressure. The pursuit of more comfortable can choose with a massage effect of the cushion, this cushion advantage is like a massager, leaning on the inside of the vibrator will have a massage effect, slowing down the waist muscle acidity.

How to Release the Pressure from Waist?

Waist structure is not equipped with the ideal help, support the lumbar spine function. We all know that the spine bone is S-type, in the waist is the shape of the front, not only need to have a support module in line with the lumbar spine structure, but also the corresponding support force, the support force is not able to solve the problem, the waist elasticity is suitable for weight, because the role of force is mutual, pressure and rebound force in proportion, Fatigue can only be alleviated. Otherwise, relieving fatigue becomes a beautiful lie.

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