How to Simply Your Make-up Bag?

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How to Simply Your Make-up Bag?

Travel, especially long-distance travel, is absolutely a "painful and happy" activity. Because while exploring the new world, you also have to endure the fatigue of dragging your luggage back and forth. However, due to the limitations of travel tools and convenience, we all need to streamline our luggage before traveling in order to have a good time. Today we will introduce several ways to simplify Make-up bags.            



1. Easy-To-Use Travel Make-Up Bag            

Choose square travel make up bag with regular shape, equal width of upper and lower, and travel make up bag with reasonable segregation and moderate hardness. Only one zipper make-up bag is economical, but it is not very convenient for travelers with more cosmetics, especially when looking for lipsticks and eyebrow brushes. Reasonable segregation can make your make-up process more orderly. On the other hand, the material of the cosmetic bag is also very important, too soft or hard material, are easy to damage your favorite cosmetics in the process of travel.            



2. Travel Suits            

Partial bottles are very useful for skin care products such as water emulsion, but they are not suitable for cosmetic products. Powdered Eyeshadow is very cumbersome, and paste products are more likely to be packed separately. Therefore, it is suggested that frequent travelers can purchase products at the counter and keep some useful samples at home for emergencies.            


If the cosmetics commonly used are mostly a brand, you can also buy the brand's travel suit.            



3. Make-up            

(1) Simple make-up            

According to your daily habits, just bring sunscreen and a non-heavy base Make-up. A small piece of blush can't take up too much space, but it can instantly increase the sense of hierarchy of the face, so that you can have a good complexion and full of vitality during the journey. Lipstick and eyebrow pen are also essential.            


(2) Delicate make-up            

If you want a more delicate and flawless make-up, bring a small Concealer with a good concealer and use it with a light foundation. It can use some matte monochromatic eye shadow, which can completely replace nose shadow or highlight, match an eyeliner and mascara, and bring a powder cake with a powder puff mirror.            



4. Make-up tools            

A disposable sponge puff is a good companion for traveling. Base make-up is very important, according to the habit of wearing a good bottom Make-up tool, this time you can temporarily ignore the size.           

If you want to make simple make-up, you can rely on your own small stick, and blush can be directly shot. If you want to make up exquisite, choose a suitable cosmetic brush travel suit, it is best to bring your own pocket.            



5. Skin Care            

(1) Removal of make-up            

Removal of make-up is very important, even if only sunscreen is applied, this step is also needed at the end of the day when skin care is done in the evening. Especially when traveling, we like to use waterproof sunscreen, the cleanliness of facial cleanser is inevitably insufficient.            


Here we recommend that you use a sheet of make-up remover wipes, one-time use can be thrown into the garbage can, so your cosmetic bag will become smaller and smaller.            


(2) water replenishing mask            

Travel is a tired thing, and wearing make-up all day will increase the burden of skin. At this time, the function of skin care products is too complex.


If there are more spare parts in the suitcase, remember to plug in two or three pieces of water replenishing flake mask.            


(3) Portable cotton stick            

There are many cotton sticks with make-up remover on the market. A small cotton stick is packed separately and its volume can be neglected.            



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