How to Take Travel Photos?

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How to Take Travel Photos?

Girls in the travels like to take pictures, but the photos taken by different people vary widely. This has nothing to do with everyone's journey experience, just has the difference in aesthetic power. The holiday is coming again, sharing the travel photography skills with you.



1. Take a Picture with Local People

Nowadays, many people wear local costumes to take pictures. Actually, most people's looks do not match the local costumes. On the contrary, wearing a costume that you like to be comfortable and good-looking, and taking photos with the locals, you can take a photo with a story, and if you can communicate in the process of group photo, maybe you can get a surprise. Most locals are willing to take a group photo. The best pose is to let your companion capture you when you communicate with the locals. If you can't do this, it's better to laugh directly and make a gesture with the local people.



2. Use the Props Around You

Simply remember a phrase: wear sunglasses if your eyes are not good, hat if your hairstyle is not good, take something if you don't know where to put your hands.. Just do something you like, don't care what others think of you. So you can put some props in your foldable backpack, such as flowers, a hat, a bottle and so on.



3. Don't Look at the Camera when Taking a Photo

If you are not confident enough about your looks, or you are not satisfied with the posture when taking pictures. Maybe you can try to take pictures without looking at the camera, look up at the sky, look down at the ground, or see what you have in your hand.



4. Take a Back Picture

I think many people will take a back picture when traveling, but maybe you will feel very monotonous when you shoot it. Back shadow needs a good prospect. The prospect of the back can be the sea, the forest, the city, the strange stone landform and so on. And don't just stand on your back when you take a picture. You can make some gestures or take some props, such as touching your hair, touching your hat, holding your camera, etc.



5. Take a Photo of the Local Activities

Girls like to take pictures, but if you want to get something from your trip, learn something, or really want to get a happy journey, then you must enjoy all the chores in your travels, integrate into the local customs, bold experience local activities and so on. Only in this way can your photos be the most natural state of relaxation. For example, you can enjoy the local hammock, learn how to make pottery cans, feed alpacas, go to the local market and so on.



6. Take a Picture in Special Scenes

In fact, the meaning of travel is simple, that is, experience a lot, see a lot. Travel photography is also, see more, shoot more. Many people take crazy pictures when they see the sea, or when they see flowers and plants, they take crazy pictures. But these pictures are very ordinary, not local scenes. So how can you find a unique scene? You should choose the unique local scenes which in your city are invisible places, such as Bali Bird's Nest, desert train station and so on.



7. Big Scene and Little People

There is a special way to take pictures of small people in big scenes. The focus is on the scenery, but if we only shoot the scenery, often the scenery is far less than the shock we can see with the naked eye, there is no point in the picture. However, put the characters in the landscape, the smaller the characters, the broader and shocking the landscape, there is a sense of vastness.


In addition to these basic photography methods, the next step is to communicate with your companion and let him take the pictures according to the composition you require. I hope you can have the pictures you like to commemorate this trip.

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