How to clean your make up bags?

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How to Clean your make up bags?

When we are going to have a travel, travel bags are essential to prepare. With time going by, travel bags are inevitable to become dirty and faced with the problem of cleaning, especially for make up bags. It is known to all that make up bags are filled with various liquid products, so when these bottles are leaky, the make up bags will be stained. Therefore, mastering the way to clean your make up bags is of great significance, helping you have a clean and tide travel bags. 

Here are some advice about cosmetic bags cleaning. 

1.Clean regularly

First, you should empty the cosmetic bag and turn it out. After that, you should wipe the inside with a makeup remover wipe. Then, you should put the cosmetic bag into the washing machine to wash it with choosing the general mode. If your cosmetic bag is very expensive, you can also put warm water and neutral detergent into the basin and soak the bag inside, washing, rinsing and drying it.

In this way, the dirt and bacteria in the cosmetic bag will be cleaned up and the make up bag will be like a new one. 

2.Throw out expired products

Saving money is a good traditional virtue, but the money to buy new cosmetics should be saved because overdue products do harm to our skin in many aspects. For example, they will bring the accumulation of bacteria, leading to the possibility of acne and inflammation. Thus, when you find your cosmetics have been expired, the best way is to throw them out. That is also a way of cosmetic bags cleaning. 

There are some common quality date of cosmetics: eyeliner is about six months and blush is approximately one year and so on. 

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3.Arrange smartly

If your make up bag is full of diverse products and its zipper is difficult to zip up, it is time for you to learn how to arrange your make up bags smartly. As for the arrangement, I intend to share a smart idea. Namely, you can stick a magnetite to the back of a cosmetic and make it suck on the surface of any metal so that everything is easy to find. This way also adjusts to the make up bags. 

4.Wash brushes frequently

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brush? Or have you never cleaned? If you are still thinking about this answer, it looks like that it has been a long time. In fact, you always use a dirty brush filled with bacteria and cosmetics to brush your face. Hence, cleaning your brushes is rather important. If you don' t have a special cleanser for a makeup brush, you can mix the antimicrobial soap with warm water and pour it into a small cup. Then you should brush the makeup in a circle and let the warm water take away the accumulated makeup and bacteria from the brush. Finally, you should rinse with warm water and dry in a cool place. 

In a sense, the make up bag is the second face of ladies so it should not only have a beautiful appearance but also a clean interior. Additionally, if you ignore your cosmetic bags cleaning, you are going to encounter the result of disfigurement. That is all that counts. 


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