Malaysia-Sabah Travel Guide

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Malaysia-Sabah Travel Guide 

Sabah is the second largest state in Malaysia, is located in East Malaysia, in the northern part of Borneo, formerly known as North Borneo. Sabah is located in the tropics. The annual temperature is between 23 and 32℃.It is almost constant. Various water activities can be carried out at any time. Therefore, it is a good place to travel.

1. Sabah's attractions recommendation

Mount Kinabalu: It is one of Malaysia's famous places. It was listed on the World Heritage List in 2000. It covers an area of 754 square kilometers and has excellent ecological protection. From tropical plants to frigid plants,It can be said that there is no such a meeting place for plant ecology in the world; there are many nature lovers who come here to study and appreciate the wide variety of natural resources.

Sabah Mosque: It is located in Likas Bay and was completed in 1997. it covers an area of one hectare. It is a typical contemporary Islamic building and one of the most magnificent mosques in Malaysia. It was built on the man-made lake in Likas Bay and feels like floating above the water, so it is known as the "water mosque". Stunning white building, perfectly integrated with the blue sky.

Kells Mangroves: There lived in the world's unique proboscis monkeys. This is a wonderful creature with a long, sharp nose and a funny expression. Because they only eat mangrove leaves, and the habitat must not leave the sea more than 600 meters, so they can only survive in the tropical mangroves of Borneo.

Kells Mangroves

2. Sabah's Food Recommendation

Sabah is mainly seafood and tropical fruits.

Chinese food is mainly in and around Gaya Street, Bak Kut Teh which is cheap and delicious nourishing food is the most distinctive; There are various food streets, Chinese restaurant,Malay cuisine,KFC,PizzaHut, etc. under the central point market;on the second floor of the Yoahan department store there are some elegant restaurants that are very popular; on the second floor of the Wisma Merdeka store there is a dining centre where you can enjoy the sea while dining.

Sabah has some special dishes, in addition to stewed fresh bamboo, stewed fresh fish with lemon juice, and don't forget to try the famous local rice wine chicken, which is a popular local dish, and wild pork is also recommended. Malaysian dishes often reflect the characteristics of diverse ethnic groups, such as Malay food, Chinese food and Indian food, which can be eaten at roadside stalls in Sabah, award-winning restaurants, and opposite SUGARBUN and Miramar supermarkets. If you want to eat some Indian Muslim food, you can go to the New Arafat Restaurant in Zone I of Sinsuran Kompleks. Indian curries and barbecues are very special.

Sabah's food recommendation

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