N Stories About The Suitcase

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N Stories About The Suitcase

Life is destined to wander, when all is calm, people scattered around the world meet again in the same city, empty streets for a long time, full of people working for the dream, for the livelihood of people, When I get on the train that leaves home, all I have is this suitcase beside me, which is full of loved ones, sealed with the taste of my hometown and the dream of my youth. A thousand people have a thousand different suitcases. It contains not simple objects, but our memories and stories.

N Stories About The Suitcase

1."what's in my suitcase is my parents' concern."

My mother said that going to college was a long journey in my life, and I was still in a foreign country. Before I left, she gave me a pair of cloth shoes and two pairs of insoles, even though there were no shoes in the big city. My favorite pair on this side of the earth is the pair that Mom stuffed into the suitcase. I was ill as a child, always sick, went to college to stay, my parents prepared a medicine box for me. There are many different drugs in the medicine box, each of which has instructions on how to take them. The balsamic bag I wear is a Chinese herbal medicine specially prepared by my mother, which can prevent and cure colds. I am a hot person, and I like to eat spicy, mother is afraid I am learning The school was not used to eating, I prepared homemade beef chili sauce, kimchi, cans sealed into the suitcase. Every time I open a can, the smell of incense reminds me of my parents.

2. "my suitcase is full of the smell of home."

Parents said good things to know how to share with you, so I put the taste of these hometown in my suitcase, start school to my friends, students eat. For example, Xinjiang jujube, Xinjiang raisins, Tangshan jelly, Yunnan oil chicken fir. For the group of friends around. My hometown is not only the place where I grew up, but also the motherland I love. Friends, colleagues are curious about everything from the East, very fresh. In their admiration and surprise, what I heard was pride in my hometown, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. It's this little suitcase. Pack it. Carrying the taste of home.

3. "my suitcase is my soul mate."

How can you forget to bring your beloved ones when you are out of the house?

Every night is quiet, lonely attack,

It's time for my soul mate to show up,

Take out my favorite violin and play a song for yourself,

Tonight, I'm Paganini.

The suitcase is filled with that beloved bear, is the guitar that accompanied me for a long time, is a lot, my beloved small object. The road is far away, do not ask return period, have you company, enough.

4."it's in my suitcase, but I love it."

Is that him? Always leave the man in my heart. There will be a phone, there will be a video, but after all you are not around me, the suitcase quietly put down a picture of you, a small thing about you. When I miss you, pick it up and look at it, just like you are by my side at the moment.

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