Neck Pillow - Not Just for Traveling

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Neck Pillow - Not Just for Traveling

Inflatable travel pillows are also called U-shaped neck pillows. They are designed according to the neck structure. Most of the materials are slow-rebound materials with thermal sensation. It provide the most average, soft and real support of the head and neck. When people use travel pillows, the human head And the neck is in a state of natural stretch, it does not hinder blood circulation. Travel pillows have a variety of uses, it health and comfort, and have obvious preventive effects on cervical diseases. Today we mainly introduce the function and use of travel pillows.


What is a travel pillow?

The U-shaped neck pillow is a pillow shaped like a letter U. It can automatically create a comfortable effect according to the needs of the human body. It effectively relieves the human body pressure to zero pressure, counteracts the reaction force, and completely relaxes the external pressure on the neck and shoulders, thereby avoiding the fatigue caused by the overhead bending of the neck and shoulders. The U-shaped cervical vertebra pillow can effectively promote blood circulation, and it is not easy to cause fatigue and soreness in the cervical vertebrae and shoulders. U-shaped inflatable travel pillows are also called passenger pillows, aviation pillows, nap pillows, and leisure pillows. As a new product of strong cervical pillow, it is more and more popular among the masses and the market.


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How to use travel pillows?

Travel pillows are not used like ordinary pillows. Do you know how to use it? When we use it, first wrap the neck pillow around the neck and stick it over the shoulder so that when you lean against the seat, there is a strong support on the head, you will feel very soft and comfortable, which can reduce the risk of cervical strain. When you fall asleep, your head will not swing from side to side, just as comfortable as sleeping in bed. It can also be used for reading books or watching TV, office and classroom breaks. It can be used in a wide range of situations.


Please note that the neck pillow core of the neck pillow is not washable, but the pillow cover should be removed and cleaned regularly. In addition, the polyester ammonia is a temperature-sensitive material,the travel pillow will have some soft and hard changes with the season, don't worry, this is normal.


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The travel pillow can also be made by yourself according to personal preference. The production method is also very simple. The sleeve can be sutured according to the actual condition of the neck and sutured into a crescent shape, which is filled with space cotton or buckwheat hull.


We recommend that young people who work long hours in front of the computer and middle-aged and elderly people with cervical vertebrae can use travel neck pillows, which can bring you better work efficiency, help your health and prevent various occupational diseases.


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