Normal Luggage Lock or TSA Customs Lock?

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Normal Luggage Lock or TSA Customs Lock?

Economic conditions do not allow, the limitation of the working environment, destined that I am not a person who can go abroad often. Luckily, he was invited by friends to the United States to watch the San Antonio Spurs this April. Before I left, my friend told me not to forget to bring more clothes. Dragging a huge suitcase, I boarded a flight to the United States.

But there's something going on at the airport that bothers me all the time. When you go through security, someone else's suitcase is locked in a lock. And even weirder, these lock surfaces have a red rhomboid pattern. I can't play with my cell phone on the plane, and I've been taking this issue to the land of the United States. When I got to the hotel, I left my foot and asked my friend. He looked at me like a fool and then told me, "That's the mother's name is the customs lock." In order not to be continued to laugh, I secretly in the mobile phone to cram this piece of knowledge.

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Customs lock is also commonly known as the lock, also known as TSA Certification lock, refers to the customs on the transfer of luggage cargo and transport customs supervision of goods for safety testing, to ensure the safety of goods in the transport process and the use of international customs worldwide Universal TSA dedicated key. It is important to note that China customs does not have a special key, that is, China Customs will not open the suitcase without the permission of the parties.

TSA Customs locks are usually needed for boxes that go abroad.Customs will open your suitcase to check, if there is no TSA customs lock, customs can not use the customs dedicated universal TSA Customs lock to open the suitcase, then the suitcase will be forced by the customs inspector to open the lock on your box itself.Therefore, either use the customs lock or be pried open by the customs inspector to destroy the checked baggage lock. There must be a red diamond sign on both sides of the lock, and as soon as the customs sees the sign, it knows to unlock the TSA key (the bottom of the lock has a corresponding key number),Without prying away the damage. There are two ways to turn on the TSA lock: One is the password set by the consumer itself, the other is the key to the customs, the customs inspector has a TSA unlock key on his hand, the baggage check should be very careful to ensure safety, after the inspection to re-lock the luggage.

Of course, you should not think that with the customs lock your suitcase will be 100% safe, the suitcase stolen has always been the case. So, carry valuables with you before your suitcase gets out of your sight.

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