Safety Tips When Traveling America

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Safety Tips When Traveling America

The Security of Property

When traveling in the USA, to enjoy a wonderful and safe trip, we had better keep these things in mind.


1. Keep a low profile to prevent flaunting wealth from attracting the attention of criminals or making others feel jealous.


2. Do not carry too many valuables and wear valuable jewelry. Also, we’d better not take a lot of cash with ourselves when we go out. Do not keep a lot of cash in our place of residence as well. Importantly, try to use bank cards or mobile apps whenever taking a purchase.


3. Carry 20 dollars in cash with us. If we are robbed, don't overreact. They might just need to pay $20 for drugs and so on.


4. Keep our small change and wallet separate and do not take out our wallet too often. If someone robs us or he just asks for a handout and sees we have a wallet, they will take the whole thing. Additionally, it's best to have a waist bag to carry cash safely.


5. Take care of our belongings. No matter where we go, we need to check that no belongings or money has been left behind when we leave and need to lock valuables after going to work.


6. Don't carry bags for others when going through the security check points in airport or shopping mall, so as not to be used by others to sell drugs and steal things.


7. There are both outdoor and indoor ATMs. However, it doesn't mean that it's safer to withdraw money with indoors ATM than outdoors ATM. We should keep in mind that we can not withdraw money at night. If we find any difference, do not enter and leave quickly.


To addition, it's worth mentioning that waist bags are a kind of safety bags placed around the waist to ensure that our finances are kept under close watch. Moreover, the small and complex structure of the waist bags and chest bags can fully meet our needs of carrying multiple items, which also makes it more difficult to steal.



Notice of Law

Also, we can not do the following things when we are in the USA

1. It is forbidden to defecate, spit, smoke in public places or on planes or trains and these behaviors may incur fines.

2. The freedom of the speech

Such as:

* Do not spread rumors or slander. For example, it is a rumor saying that Trump has an IQ of 20. It is just our opinion to say that I feel trump has an IQ of 20.

* No sexual harassment

* Don't talk about racialism (e.g., saying in public that black people... )

* Don't make fun of sexual preference

* Don't discriminate against religions of other people

3. Most importantly, we can not keep staying after the program ends, which is illegal and harmful to ourselves.



The Security of Personal Information

1. We had better not give the passport number, the social security number (SSN), the number of bank card to others, especially on the Internet. Also, we can not leak other personal information such as name, the address, birthday, birthplace, parents and so on. It is because the information is often used to verify the identity of us. And if others get the information of us, then it is easy for him to transfer our money. Even worse, they may take the use of your identity to fraud.


2. It is better to have scanned copies of important documents and certificates saved in the email address, and we need to bring these copies with us.

Thanks for reading and hope you can have a good vocation in America.

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