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Contact mode: 13732589550
Sales year: 3 years
Data turnover: 100W+ dollars
Sales experience: as a sales, the first thing is to understand the products they sell, because our customers are mainly obtained through the Alibaba platform. Every inquiry we have obtained must be taken seriously. Every inquiry is a potential guest, and we must try our best to get the guests to order. So you must be careful and close in time when you return every email. We should deal with the letter to respond in a timely manner, most may have been heard, most people have experienced the same thing. 
Many of the letters that have been sent out can not be answered, even if part of the price is quoted, but the possibility of the final deal is slight. Even so, you should make a timely reply to each inquiry so as to make a good impression on the customer. It is said that as a salesman to be patient, to have perseverance, it is probably reflected here. The process of foreign trade: customer enquiry -- quotation -- get the order, sign the contract -- the company's internal order, production department, production equipment, delivery, after sales service, in short, every link is very important.


This is Guofu Chen, English name is Louis, graduated from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University in 2005’s. I have been in international trading industry for more than 14 years and have been in Travelsky for 11 years. My main job is customer developing and big account service. I have many experience on how to help customer to control important project and make sure everything goes well. Till today, I have developed and serviced more than 50 customers with total sales volume more than $50 million in last 11 years. Customer first, Emphasizing details, make customer happy, make own success 


My name is Yong hang Yu, Tommy is my English name, I graduated from Zhejiang University of science & technology since 2006, my major is industrial engineering. A very lucky opportunity for me to go into with the trading area, I fall in love my job, from the following orders to product development, and I work in Travelsky for 13 years, within the scope of my work has more than large and small customers as many as 24 service, sales of the products up to more than 150 varieties, accumulative total sales is $19 million, at present is mainly responsible for the business and product development and sourcing, Of course, we also need to ensure that every order of existing customers can be completed on time with quality and quantity guaranteed, and cooperate with the new project development of customers.
In these years of work, only by doing things with your heart, can you learn more from your work and truly reflect your value!


I am Wendy Meng from Travelsky. I usually like to introduce myself with such kind starting. I became a member of Travelsky 11 years ago. I was in charge of the regular business in passed 10 years, including following up the open orders, developing new products and expanding new business. The companies that I have served is around 30 and the total sales is up to $22,000,000. My working is covering up to 150 products. In the year of 2018, I joined in the Dept. of Marketing and Sales, focus on developing our on-line platform of Alibaba and new business marketing.
Attention , concentration, persistence.
Action, execution, thinking.
Be intent on the inquiry of customer and market.
Be attentive to each task, high quality and efficiently.
Result oriented, go ahead persistently with first desire unchanged.


My name is Sheng Mei Zhu and my English name is May. I am graduated from Zhejiang university of water resources and hydropower, major of logistics and I also gain the bachelor ‘s degree of Zhejiang Gong shang University. I have nine year’s working experience and have been working in travelsky almost 7 years. At present, I am mainly responsible for assistant account executive , work for the whole business process from receiving the order to order delivery and collection .I have served about 15-20 clients, sold more than 200 products, and the total sales reached more than 20 million usd. Moreover, the annual growth trend has been on the rise. Now I have 3 big clients.
sales experience: 1. Careful, accurate and efficient order arrangement process.  2. Think what the customer wants and be urgent the customer urgent .Do our best to serve the customer.3. Strictly control each step and complete the orders with quality and quantity guaranteed. 


Shi Jiachen(Scott Shi) Graduated from Zhejiang Gongshang University in 2011. Worked in Travelsky since Feb,2014.Specilized in developing new items ,saleing them in domestic;purchasing merchandise and after-sale service.
Here is the main experience he got from work: Firstly, Breakthrough and innovation defines the value of the commdity. Creativity must work early at the front of the market. Secondly, a superior supplier should keepimproving work efficiency to speed on the new items development. Thridly, find your own market position and try to be the best. 


My name is Yuan Yu, english name is Emma. I graduated from Wuhan College of Foreign Languages and Foreign Affairs in 2017 and has been engaged in the foreign trade industry for two years. My major job is sales Merchandiser, it mainly include such as input order information, follow up production progress, inspection, shipment and so on.
After two years of work, I deeply felt the importance of quality and service. During the production and shipment of order, it’s very necessary to maintain timely communication with customers and suppliers. Keep abreast of the needs of customers and master the problem issues of the production department. Never putting something off, the soonest problem is discovered, the faster it will be solved.
Besides, there are a lot of files to be processed in the process of ordering, so you need to be more careful and patience, no emotional. This will help us get the job perfectly.


My name is Zeng jia ling. (English name is Claire). I ‘m graduated from Jiangcheng College, China University of Geosciences in year 2014 and own 5 years of working experience.
I have worked in Travelsky for about 5 years. My mainly job is dealing with enquiry, customer development and handle orders processing from development to bulk production. Until now, I have developed more than 100 sample order and over 50 bulk order. And sold more than 200 products with total amount more than $3 million.
In a word, as a foreign sales, firstly we need fully understand the requirement of customer, secondly answer customer’s question quickly and accurately. Finally, finish the order in time without any problem. Besides, we must have passion and carefulness. No matter what our customer think of it or not, we need consider for them. And help them make the business better and better!


Alyson, Graduated from Li Shui college in 2016, with two years of working experience in international trade. I have been working in Travelsky for one and a half years. At present, my main job is to develop new customers of Alibaba platform and follow up old customers. I have served about 800 new customers and 3 old customer. I have sold nearly 80 products. Total sales of new customers about $140,000, old customers about $20,000.
Sales experience: 1. Study hard, develop thinking habit and think twice before customers. Learn to allocate work content and work time and improve work efficiency, so as to provide best service to customers. 2. Rigorous and meticulous, with a strong overall view. Do things with a global view, thinking problems by face-to-point, not just point - to - point. 3. To cultivate a good idea of time, time is the lifeline, and we should always have a string in our mind. We should deal with everything related to the company in a timely manner, leave a good impression on customers to improve the return rate, and strive for more old customers.


MY name is FengPing, English name is Elaine, and graduated from Huzhou University in 2011, major is business English. 
My major job is as below: 1. Find potential customers, establish prospective customer information group; 2. Customer tracking, demand understanding, business negotiation, contract signing; 3. Complete the prescribed sales tasks; 4. Maintain the relationship between new and old customers;
After more than 6 years I have solid working experience. I have been in Travelsky is more than half year, responsible for the job of inquiry reply, customer development, orders and following orders for Alibaba B2B platform. The total sales from I came to Travelsky to now is $170,000.
1. Correct and timely quotation 
2. Understand customer needs, respond quickly and accurately to customers 
3. Persist in continuously developing new customers and strive to maintain new customers 
4. Learn to share with the team and learn to cooperate. 
5. Learn more and improve negotiation skills


My name is Minghui Li, English name Minkie, Email:
I graduated with bachelor degree from Xuchang university in Henan province in 2017. Till now, there has been more than2-year work experience on Alibaba platform. 
I have been working for Travelsky for one and a half of the year, the main jobs I do are displaying and updating the products, replying the inquiries, receiving orders, arranging the production, meanwhile,  I do part of the merchandiser work as well. The total sales from I came to Travelsky to now is $120,000.
It’s different for us to deal with the customers and suppliers, we need to show our strength in social fact and evidence if suppliers are not willing to cooperate with us.
There are lots of things I need to learn from our experienced directors, old clerks, and group leaders, to learn the presence of mind when handling the problems and the negotiation skill when communicating with suppliers.
The importance of customer experience when making the deal. Timely communication with customers, product recommendation, delivery performance, product packaging services and other aspects are all within the scope of customers' inspection of suppliers. We want the long-term business relationship with customers not for once transaction, so we shall pay attention to customer purchasing experience.
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