Thailand Travel Guide

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Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. It is located in the central part of the Central South Peninsula. It borders the west and the north with Myanmar and the Andaman Sea. The northeast is Laos, the southeast is Cambodia, and the narrow peninsula to the south is connected to Malaysia. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Thailand is a country of Buddhism, and most Thais believe in the four-faced Buddha.

Thailand tour routes introduction:

Traveling to Thailand can be basically divided into three routes: north, central and south. These three areas are far apart, and the spots are naturally scattered.

North: Mainly to see historical and cultural sites, temples, etc., famous route like Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, the Baimiao / Blue Temple are here, there are many people here to enjoy the older life

South: It is mainly island tour, Thailand's largest island, Phuket, Samui, Krabi, etc. are all in southern Thailand. This is the best choice for honeymoon, vacation.

Central: The attractions are mainly Bangkok, Pattaya, and the island, the most classic route is Bangkok-Pattaya-Thaime. Here you can feel the royal culture, temple culture, massage culture, shemale culture, Muay Thai culture, etc. in Thailand, as well as the charm of the island, the famous Shamei Island, Greenland, and Sands Island.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, with attractions such as the Grand Palace, the Jade Buddha Temple, the four-faced Buddha, the Net Red Floating Market, and the Night Market. Pattaya Beach is known as the Eastern Hawaiian, but also a "man's paradise", featuring a show of Shemale and adult.

Of course, Pattaya also has attractions such as Dongba Paradise, Truth Temple, Golden House, and Qizheng Foshan. The nearest island of Koh Samet has the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, and enjoys water sports such as windsurfing boards and snorkeling and water skiing all year round.

Central Thailand is the essence of Thailand. The tourism facilities and transportation infrastructure are perfect.

Suggestion: For the first time, it is better to recommend Bangkok (required) + Pattaya + Koh Samet.

Thailand Travel

Thailand hotel situation introduction 

Hotels in Thailand are generally good, there are swimming pools for better, and the pool with sea views is even better. Booking the hotel needs to pay attention to the location of the hotel, recognize the relevant terms, whether you can unsubscribe, whether it includes breakfast. There are some places that require additional taxes, cleaning fees, service fees, etc., and need to be clearly charged.

Most hotels check in after 2 pm and check out is before 12 noon, you need to see the hotel terms. In addition, hotels below 300RMB in Thailand are no toiletries, some hotels are available between 350-400RMB, and more than 400RMB hotels have toiletries. The hotel basically provides a strongbox, and valuables should be placed in the strongbox!

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