The Meaning of Travel

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The constant change in the world is the constant change, time will separate some people also let some people meet, some people will not meet after separation, some people will not meet again. Fate is just an excuse that people don't want to meet or want to separate.

From one city to another, from one place to another. During the day, the same traffic. At night, the same lights shine. But met another mood. Sometimes it is heart tired, sometimes people tired, sometimes physical and mental tiredness, we need a release, to give themselves a chance to breathe.

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When we get on a train or plane, when we get on a backpack or pick up a handbag, when we cross the two sides of the railway to the tall buildings of the city, when from the majestic palace in the north to the pavilions in the south, we leave empty all the way, and we dream all the way. Come true all the way. Sometimes on a journey just want to go straight, always on the road. It's not an escape from reality, it's just a review of the real self.

Society is so complicated that it is more difficult to keep it simple than to be complicated. The neon sign of growing up is no more than a glow as a child, and the delicacies of the hotel are just as sweet as the half of the sweet potato on the ground. The window was full of toys, but not the slingshot made of that branch. Time is still we are gone, is the original easy to satisfy, carefree we left.

To borrow a trip, to eat farm food, to swim the mountains, to play with water, to go to my hometown to remember the path full of our footprints, to the glorious campus that used to be full of our smiling faces, but to go home full of joy and often lost. So we repented: at that time only the Tao was ordinary. So we feel: things are wrong.

When we were kids, we always stepped under our feet, and now we are always consumed by darkness. Travel is not just a movement of flesh from one city to another. It's not a scene taken on a journey. It's not a special snack on the table. If only this is the case, it is only a vulgar, an empty propaganda. The real journey is to meet yourself, to bring your soul home, to walk and think, not to rush, to show off, to concur with nature, to communicate with history, to walk with the original self.

Travel, is one meet, meet another oneself. Travel is a conversion, a conversion to nature. Traveling is a memory, a memory of history. Travel is the heart is walking, is the soul is walking, has nothing to do with the foot of the itinerary.


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