Travel Guidance of Sanya Yalong Bay

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As a famous scenic spot in China, Sanya Yalong Bay is an indispensable place to travel. What should be arranged for the trip to Sanya Yalong Bay? Here's a quick introduction.

1. Attractions

(1) The first choice for high-end island experience "-Wuzhizhou Island

Wuzhizhou Island

Wuzhizhou Island is one of the most famous attractions in Sanya. It has the cleanest seawater in Sanya, the best regular diving spots and the most complete water play projects. The visibility of the surrounding sea areas is as high as 27 meters, and the resources of the seabed are everywhere. There are many ‘LOVE’ themed shooting sites on the island. You can choose to walk or take a car to visit the island and take photos.

(2) The world's highest and largest Baiyiguanyin-Nanshan Sea Guanyin

Baiyiguanyin-Nanshan Sea Guanyin

The 108-meter Guanyin Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Garden is the southernmost temple in China. Visiting Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Garden, you can also enjoy landscapes such as blue and blue seas, sunny beaches, mountains and reefs, and Miao Village customs. It is one of the most sightseeing spots.

(3) The nearest natural forest oxygen bar to the city-Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park is the first coastal mountain ecological sightseeing and ecological vacation Forest park in Hainan Province. A mountain of dense green plants holds the endless blue Yalong Bay, and the rich sense of trees in the tropical rain forest is presented in front of it; When you climb the top of the mountain, the whole of Aaron Bay is at your feet, as if you were in a wonderland on earth.

2. Food

When it comes to Sanya, it is certainly seafood and sweet and sour tropical fruits that make the majority of food and food salivate. Indeed, because of the coastal reasons, Sanya's seafood must be the freshest. The price is also much cheaper than in the inland areas. There are also some special foods, such as coconut milk, coconut Jelly, paster powder, shrimp cakes, and water cakes. Wait. Personally, I suggest you have a local to lead the way so you can eat the most authentic Sanya cuisine.

Yalong Bay Food

3. Notes

(1) Sanya attractions are more scattered, not suitable for their own travel, taxi will be more expensive and trouble

(2) Hainan is sunny, please pay attention to sun protection and drink more water to replenish your body

(3) When swimming in the sea, please look after the friends and relatives around you, and inform the lifeguard immediately in case of emergency.

(4) People with high blood pressure and heart disease are advised not to dive

(5) When playing in the sea, please wipe the sun protection that is friendly to the sea and protect the sea

While traveling in Sanya Yalong Bay, there is a great thing to do, don't forget to carry the essentials you need during your trip, such as inflatable neck pillow, inflatable foot rest pillow, eye mask and travel bag.

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