Travel to La Réunion

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Travel to La Réunion

When it comes toislands, what's the first thing you think about? The beautiful sea and Romantic beach or exciting surfing? However, there is an distinctive island—La Réunion, which is more like an adventure park. Located on the southwest Indian Ocean and to the east of the African continent, the island is between Madagascar and Mauritius . It is a real volcanic island, whose land was created by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, which brings two extreme wonders, biological prosperity and surface desolation.

Are you attracted by the spectacular island? Here are some details about travel to La Réunion.

Recommended activities:

1.Take a helicopter and fly over the horizon

In order to fully appreciate the overall landscape of Reunion from the horizon to the mountains to the ice bucket, helicopter roundabout is undoubtedly the best choice. Take off from the forests near the seaside, after a few turns, helicopters walked through the narrow valley, with almost hand-touched mountains on both sides, and at the end of the valley was the famous Bride Yarn Falls. In the emerald mountains, thousands of waterfalls meandered down, like the veil God had given to the bride. The scenery seen from the air is amazing.


If you prefer to more thriving activity, paragliding is suitable for you. Dive all the way from an altitude of 800 meters, above is a clear sky, below is a blue sea. Sitting on a paraglider overlooking the earth is a different perspective.

3.Watch wales

In fact, Reunion Wang's ocean and hotel resources are also so rich . Winter is the best season to watch whales. Whales travel from the cold South Pole to the warm waters of Reunion Island for the winter. Today, humpback whales have become the symbol of Reunion Island. Whether it is by taking a or diving, there is a chance to meet. 


1.Leon Dierks Museum

The long-term collection of the museum exhibition is the representative work of painting development in the 19th century, from neoclassicism to modern art. Among these collections are several masterpieces from the collection of the famous Reunion Wang art businessman Ambroise Wallard.

2.Boucan -Canot Beach

It is one of the most famous beaches on the island which is loved by surfers and a good place to enjoy the sunset.


1.Coté Seine Restaurant

The dishes are mainly European and French. The restaurant is one of eight restaurants in Reunion Island which won the title of "Catering Master".

2.ELLEVUE Restaurant

The restaurant is famous for Creole cuisine. Known as one of the best restaurants in St. Dani, the restaurant has an excellent view and a panoramic view of St. Dani. The combination of Creole and international cuisine brings the enjoyment of taste buds. 

3.Chez Piat Restaurant

The restaurant is an upscale restaurant specializing in French cuisine in St. Dani, with 40 years of experience in catering, and has won many awards for various kinds of food. The distinctive dishes is steak, scallops and other authentic French meals, as well as a variety of desserts.


1.Tropic Appart Hotel

Located 80 meters from the sandy beach in L'Hermitage-les-Bains, it is the best place to watch sunset. The traffic is very convenient, it is near the beach.

2.LUX* Saint Gilles Hotel 

 The hotel is equipped with a range of facilities and services to enable guests to enjoy more comfort and convenience. Guest rooms are comfort and the hotel provides a variety of leisure facilities. No matter what purpose you take to Reunion, St. Gilles Hotel can make you feel the warmth and comfort of home.

In the end, here are some necessary items for you to make you travel more comfortable.

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