What Locks Are Best for Luggage?

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What Locks Are Best for Luggage?

When traveling or on a business trip, we use the luggage most often. The lock is one of the most important accessories in the luggage. The luggage lock helps us to protect the contents of the luggage, so it is necessary to choose a good luggage lock. Do you know the type of luggage lock and how to use the luggage lock?


Type of Luggage Lock

Ordinary Password Padlock

In the past, the suitcase itself was not locked. Some soft suitcases now have an ordinary password padlock. The ordinary password padlocks are divided into multiple types and dials. The luggage locks are usually turned by turning the dial. Adjust the password, such a password lock is a full mechanical structure, the password lock can be set with three numbers, it is easy to use and does not have to worry about losing the key.

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Lock Attached to the Luggage

The generation of a password lock is actually more convenient to travel. The principle of a combination lock is the same as that of a normal password padlock, because the "carousel lock" can be used to easily set and change the password, and is free to operate. The appearance is small and comfortable, and it is not too clumsy and uncoordinated to be placed on the trunk. The biggest feature of locking on the trunk is that it is not afraid of the lock being lost.


TSA Lock

The TSA code lock is a universal lock for customs clearance of baggage and cargo clearance. To ensure that the trunk is not forcibly destroyed. In normal use, it has the same function and operation as a normal password lock.


The TSA password lock is easy to identify. The red diamond is a unique symbol of the TSA lock. The general suitcase has its own lock. If your suitcase carries valuables and your lock is a common password lock, you can hang the TSA lock. To ensure safe and easy to pass.

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From January 2003, the TSA stipulated that all baggage entering the US airport must be opened for inspection, and the TSA issued a warning: unless the TSA-certified lock is used, the checked baggage should not be locked, or the customs has the right to break the baggage lock.


So how do we use the luggage lock? The general initial password is 000. If you want to change the password, first adjust the password to 000, then use a toothpick to insert a small button in a small hole. After the button is opened, you can change your password. After changing it, use the new password to adjust the unlock switch. If the small button pops up, the password is set.


Each luggage lock has its own characteristics and advantages. Their function and usability vary in price. For security and privacy and convenience, we recommended TSA locks, if you want to know more about travel products, contact us for more information.


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