What Size Liquids Are Allowed on Plane?

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What Size Liquids Are Allowed on Plane 2018?

During the holiday, the plane also encounters the busiest time. In order to deliver passengers to their destination safely, security check is an essential link. For every lady who is keen on traveling, carrying cosmetics by plane is a real trouble because there are regulations about packing liquids. Therefore, I want to share some knowledge about the size of the allowed liquids, expecting to help you to some extent.

What Size Liquids Are Allowed on Plane?

1. State Regulations

lNo More Than 100ml Per Bottle

You can carry 100 ml or less of liquid, gel and spray on board, which is equal to 3.4 ounces. However, what should be paid attention to is that 150 ml of makeup water is used with only 50 ml of liquid remaining, which is not allowed on the airplane. The capacity of the bottle needs less than or equal to 100ml. If it is more than 100ml, it can be taken only by checking your baggage. 

lCosmetic Products Regarded As Liquids

When you are on the airplane, some cosmetic products are regarded as liquids, such as mascara, hairspray, nail polish, hair gel, lip gloss, shampoo, perfume, gel deodorant, hand cream, toothpaste, liquid soap and mouthwash and so on.

lPrepare A 1,000 ml Zippered Transparent Toiletry Bag

All liquid products need to be packed in 1000ml transparent toiletry bags with zippers, and each passenger can only carry a transparent toiletry bag on the plane. If it exceeds the prescribed volume, it can not be carried into the aircraft with you. And it is necessary to go through the consignment formalities.

What Size Liquids Are Allowed on Plane?

2. Other Considerations

lIf you have to take liquid medicines on board, such as baby milk or insulin, you need to give instructions to security officers or a doctor's certificate. Drugs may be kept by the crew of your flight and returned to you after take-off. 

lEven if you are allowed to take the nail polish on the plane, you should not use it in the aircraft. In fact, in public places where the air is not circulating, any product with strong odor is impolite to other passengers.

lIf you are not sure about a gargle product, you had better not pack it in the transparent toiletry bag. It's better to stay at home rather than be confiscated. So you not only have to go to the local place to buy another bottle, but also throw away one bottle. After all, it's a double loss.

lIf you are still not sure what skin care products you can bring, you should try not to choose liquid packaging. Cleansing products can give up cleansing milk and choose cleansing soap or cleansing powder, which are not subject to liquid restrictions. And you should abandon the choice of masks of gel texture and choose skin vitals, as far as possible to reduce the number of liquids.


Furthermore, the most important thing is the travel safety, which is the priority of your trip and the premise of having a enjoyable trip. Therefore, you have to lay emphasis on your travel safety. That is all that counts.  

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