What is Cabin Luggage Allowance for Different Airlines?

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What is Cabin Luggage Allowance for Different Airlines?

Every time before traveling, in addition to do the traveling raiders, the most annoying thing is to worry about the baggage. Especially when I buy a special purchase, the luggage is overweight, and the high overweight freight is really expensive.


It is normal to buy something when traveling, who can control the heart of buying. However, if the weight and specifications of the baggage exceed the standard and the travel is delayed, it is very embarrassing. Because you need to return to the consignment office and re-deliver the consignment. Moreover, the overweight part of the charge is really expensive, which is enough for you to buy again.


Different airlines have different allowance on the weight and the quantity of consignment. Next we will introduce the luggage allowance for the five major airlines.


1. AirAsia

On AirAsia, passengers can only carry one piece hand luggage, and the size of hand luggage (including handles, wheels and side bags) cannot exceed 56x 36x 23cm. In addition, passengers can carry a computer bag/handbag/backpack or small baggage that is no more than 40x 30x 10cm. The total weight of 2 pieces of baggage does not exceed 7kg.



2. Jetstar Airways


Passengers with Starter tickets, Starter Max tickets, Starter Plus tickets can carry 7 kg hand luggage including personal items.Passengers with FlexiBiz tickets can carry 7 kg hand luggage plus small carry-on items.Passengers with business class tickets can carry two large hand luggages up to 7 kg, plus a small portable item with a total weight that is no more than 14 kg.


Hand baggage (or business class baggage) must be able to be placed in the overhead bin, and each piece of baggage must not exceed 56x 36x 23cm.


Be sure to remember to book your checked baggage in advance, which is much more cost-effective than buying it at the airport. If you buy at the airport, the baggage allowance for each passenger is 15 kg, and if it is exceeded, it will be charged per kg.



3. Tiger Airways


Each passenger can carry one piece hand luggage and a small carry-on item. The maximum size of the hand luggage cannot exceed 54x 38x 23cm and the weight cannot exceed 10kg.


Tigerlight's checked baggage is charged. Tigersmart and Tigerpro include hand luggage and 20kg free checked baggage.


One-piece checked baggage cannot exceed 30 kg. The sum of the dimensions of the outer length, width and height of each checked baggage must be 203 cm or less (the length of one side must be 120 cm or less).



4. Cebu Pacific


Each passenger can carry one piece hand luggage or carry-on baggage. The baggage must weigh no more than 7 kg and must not exceed 56x 36x 23cm (Airbus flight) and 56x 35x 20cm (ATR flight).

In addition to one piece hand baggage, a notebook computer and its peripherals that are properly stored in a computer bag or purse are allowed on the flight.



5. Scoot Airways


Passengers in the Scoot Economy Class can carry one piece hand luggage and a small carry-on item such as a laptop or handbag, and the total weight cannot exceed 10kg. Passengers on ScootBiz can carry two pieces carry-on baggage weighing no more than 15kg.


In both economy and business class, the baggage size cannot exceed 54x 38x 23cm, and the total length of luggage and carry-on items cannot exceed 115cm.


Checked baggage has a weight limit of 20kg and Scoot's business class is 30kg (except Fly fare). Baggage exceeding this weight also requires an additional fare. It is up to a 40 kg baggage allowance.


If you cannot be sure about the weight of, your luggage, you can buy a luggage digital weighing scale to weigh the baggage.

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