What is The Definition of Travel?

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"Travel" is the process of traveling from ground A to B in space in order to achieve a certain purpose. "Tour" is the process of going out for sightseeing, sightseeing and entertainment, that is to say, travel to achieve these purposes. "Travel" is the process of traveling from ground A to B in order to achieve a certain purpose. The two combine to travel. Therefore, travel is more important than travel, tourism has not only "line", but also sightseeing, entertainment meaning.

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With the development of network technology and the continuous maturity of computer technology, tourism websites have settled in one after another. Promote the development of tourism industry, tourism network after years of development has been a lot of hair, tourism website development is becoming more and more mature. This type of site provides timely travel route quotations, discount ticket information, practical travel advice, and detailed travel information. Through the integration and classification of the information in the tourism industry, we have humanized the opening of travel route reservations, discount tickets, visa services, air ticket hotel reservations, travel insurance, travel book cities, car charter services, travel notes, travel blogs, and so on. Wait for many aspects of service!

Safety is the guarantee of a happy journey. Before departure, it is best to buy travel accident insurance, if an accident can get timely assistance. Take as little cash as you can on the trip. Don't put the money in your luggage. Keep it safe. Valuables should not be kept in the room. It's best to go shopping in a regular store and buy something for invoice proof. When fitting on shoes, it is best to invite a group of friends to accompany and take care of the goods.

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In the course of tourism, tourists should keep all the supporting materials that may be used, such as tourism contract, tourist invoice, scenic spot ticket, medical document, etc., not only on the basis of verbal commitment. If necessary, the consumer may record the negotiation process with the travel agency in the form of audio recording as a backup. In the event of infringement, we should reflect to travel agencies, consumer associations, tourism quality supervision and other institutions in a timely manner.

Foreign tourism should respect the customs and habits of the host country, especially countries with special religious customs, and avoid disputes caused by improper words and deeds. In the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes or political disturbances, wars, emergencies, terrorist incidents or accidental injuries, it is necessary to calmly deal with and evacuate dangerous areas as soon as possible, and promptly report to our embassies and consulates in the host country or contact with the relevant departments in China for rescue protection.



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