What is Work Traveling: Real Travelers Stories

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What is Work Traveling: Real Travelers Stories

There are such a group of young people, some of them want to go on a walk-and-talk trip after graduation, some want to experience the exotic folk customs, some yearn for the purity and beauty of Oceania, some want to escape from their original life to find a reason for indulgence, or some want to get a job opportunity through it to change themselves… Working travel can satisfy all their fantasies, but before working travel begins, we need to know something.



What is Work Traveling: Real Travelers Stories

1. Working Travel Visa


Starting in 2008, New Zealand has opened a working vacation visa to young people aged 18 to 30 in China, with 1,000 places per year. Applicants are required to submit applications and upload materials on the website of the New Zealand Immigration Bureau, including valid passports, medical certificates, language certificates with IELTS score above 5.5, educational certificates, round-trip air tickets and funding certificates of NZ$4200. If passed, the applicant can stay in New Zealand for up to 12 months on the visa.


From the application situation in recent years, the popularity of such visas in China is beyond imagination. According to data released by the New Zealand Embassy, 1,000 places in 2015 were applied for within nine hours of release --- this year, less than two hours after release, the New Zealand Immigration Service website was even paralysed.


Particular attention should be paid to the fact that New Zealand can only apply for a part-time work and vacation visa once in a lifetime, and that such visa holders should take travel as their first purpose and work or study as their second priority.


Since September 2016, Australia has officially opened its work and vacation visas to China, with 5000 places open to China each year. The IELTS scores of applicants can reach 4.5 points, and the age limit can be relaxed to 31 years old.


Australia stipulates that visa holders cannot work for more than six months with the same employer, and can study for a short period of time, but not for more than four months.



What is Work Traveling: Real Travelers Stories

2. Traveler's Story


At home, Aaron did software development in a bank, directly speaking, "programmer", a year of work travel, so that he lost a good salary and his comfort zone. In New Zealand, however, he felt that he had gained more than he had lost.


Aaron said, "Because it's worthwhile to borrow one year's youth to try a different life when I'm still a little younger. Coming to New Zealand is like harvesting your second life.


Aaron and his girlfriend are typical migrant travelers, and their current jobs are seasonal workers. When choosing jobs, they deliberately considered that they should choose jobs that are not available in China, so they looked for seasonal jobs.


So far, they have done five jobs: cherry picking, factory quality control, onion picking, apple picking and kiwifruit packaging.


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