What is the Purpose of a Luggage Strap?

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What is the Purpose of a Luggage Strap?

When we are on a business trip or travel, we pack a variety of things, such as clothes, shoes, wallets, medicines, etc., which we call baggage. Baggage is an item that a passenger carries while traveling for the purpose of being worn, used, comfortable or convenient. Do you know how to sort luggage and check in?

Definition of Baggage

According to the transportation responsibility, it is divided into checked baggage and unchecked baggage.

(1) Checked baggage refers to the baggage that the passenger is handed over to the carrier for care and transportation. When the carrier receives the baggage, it must fill in the number and weight of the baggage in the passenger's baggage receipt and send it to the passenger. The weight of the checked baggage shall not exceed 50 kg per piece and the volume shall not exceed 40 x 60 x 100 cm per piece. Baggage exceeding the above requirements must be obtained with the prior consent of the carrier.

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(2) Unchecked baggage is baggage that is taken care of by the passenger into the cabin. Items such as food, books, cameras, coats, fragile items, valuables, diplomatic envelopes, etc. can be brought into the cabin by passengers. Each passenger carrying unchecked baggage can generally not exceed 5 kg in weight, and the volume should not exceed 20 x 40 x 55 cm per piece, and can be placed in the luggage rack or under the seat, but does not hinder cabin service and passenger activities. Carry-on items that exceed the above weight and volume restrictions shall be checked as checked baggage.


Prohibited Baggage Transport Products

The Civil Aviation Authority has stipulated some items that prohibit air transportation. Such as: flammable and toxic compressed gas, corrosive objects, pathogens, explosives, flammable liquids and solids. Under no circumstances should the above items be transported as baggage or brought into the cabin as unchecked baggage. When the carrier collects the baggage and finds that the baggage contains prohibited items, it can refuse to accept the goods or terminate the transportation at any time.


The sharps carried by passengers, such as kitchen knives, large scissors, crafts knives, and some items that are easily damaged, should be checked in checked baggage. If there is no checked baggage or it is too late to be placed in checked baggage, the passenger should hand over the contraband to the safety inspection department.

Domesticated dogs, cats, poultry, birds and other small tame animals can be transported as checked baggage with the consent of the carrier. Wild animals, animals with strange features and susceptibility to injury may not be used as checked baggage.

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The Role of the Luggage Belt

The strapping belt is a new environmentally friendly packaging material that replaces steel strips, polypropylene strapping, etc., and is mainly used for bundling and packaging of various articles.

The luggage strap has excellent tensile stability and long-term tensile strength, which minimizes the looseness of the strap. The strap has excellent tensile strength and bond strength for many heavy-duty packaging. It can stabilize the long-term tension and minimize the looseness of the belt, ensuring the impact resistance of long-term and long-distance transportation. If you have a lot of luggage, or if you want to help others transport a lot of luggage, the luggege strap is your best choice.


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