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What's The Journey I'm Looking for?

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May of the sky, there is not too much impurities brought by the disturbance, there is no time and space disorder of the fantasy, clean to bring people a sense of comfort. Sit in the car, have no purpose to move forward, give yourself a little space to relax. I got on a bus that used to sit but was strange and didn't know where I wanted to go.

I don't have to be afraid that I feel overwhelmed by not wanting to go anywhere, even if only once I can feel that this is a simple way of life, even if it is only a few hours away, I can feel the feeling it brings to me during this journey. Simple, don't be afraid of a journey.

I picked a very good day, the color of the sky slowly changing. It seems to be telling me that this day is not suitable for going out, and that it will not feel the beauty of the things that existed in the first place because of the weather. Afraid that I can not feel the attachment of nature to us, afraid that I will be because of the weather and abuse it.

Looking out of the car window, the gray blue Sky brings a depressing feeling, but my thoughts are completely unaffected by it. This is a journey, not something I want to have. I will also cherish even if the sky is a little sad, I also hope to use their own happiness to infect it, let it accompany me to share.

The car was moving along the route, and I was moving along with it. Looking at those who come and go in a hurry, I am also thankful that I am now able to sit safely on the bus. There is no trouble at all, and I don't want to worry about things that don't get answers. Watching their hasty pace, and their own comfortable sitting here now, a contrast can be clear, now their own really happy very happy.

The happiness I want is actually very simple, I can breathe on this hurried road, I think I have been very contented. I think no one can be easy on the road to chasing my dreams. And no one can get what they want easily, and we all have to pay some price. And my price is probably lost my smile, no longer simple, I think most people are also this state, or worse.

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In front of the traffic lights, the car temporarily slowed down. I think when people cross the traffic lights at the same time, in fact, the car is also resting, even if it is just a few 10 seconds of time. In fact, it is also a look at the state of people's lives, experience our way of life. It was not long before it was seen that people were gradually playing colorful umbrellas. It rained and it became so fast that it was too late for me to notice. I was looking at them and some people quickened their footsteps in order to prevent themselves from getting wet. Some people cross the road because they have the protection of umbrellas. Just in this rainy day, afraid of rain and let people's footsteps speed up unplanned, just in order not to be wet by the rain themselves, everyone wants to be able to safely go to their destination. I see only the other people or the same pace as before, did not change, in the rainy day, so chic and calm. I also like this kind of, will not be because of what happened to disrupt their original pace. Let oneself be at a loss, may also be because of the dispute with others, a series of contradictions.

The car was moving slowly again, and the rain was like this, and I was enjoying the natural "change."

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