Why Do So Many People Travel to Japan?

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Why Do So Many People Travel to Japan? 

Incomplete statistics show that the number of domestic tourists to Japan increases by about 16% every year. In 2018, the number of people visiting Japan broke through the barrier of 8 million people. Why is it so popular to travel to Japan?            



1. Good Public Order and Few Thieves        

In crowded places, even if the zipper of the bag is open, nothing will be lost. Even if you accidentally drop something somewhere and then go back to find it, it will certainly be able to find it intact.            



2. Almost Every City Is Clean     

Japan's environmental management is more stringent, many people even say that every place in Japan presents a clean and tidy, there is absolutely no garbage on the road, the windows of buildings are always clean and bright, the goods are placed neatly, and the air quality is first-class.            



3. Charm of Four Seasons Landscape Change            

Visit cherry blossoms in spring! The cherry blossom season is from May to May. It blooms from south to North in Japan. Red leaves in autumn and numerous famous Japanese red leaves in autumn will surely make you indulge in the autumn of red leaves! Wear bathrobes in summer and enjoy the spark show, and go to Hokkaido in winter to feel the charm of Snow Country.            



4. Don't Carry Paper Towels with You       

Whether it's a public bathroom or a restaurant, where paper towels are used, you'll have plenty of them, and there won't be any lack of paper.            



5. Falling in Love with the Public Toilet            

The public toilets in Japan are not only very clean but also very humane. Most toilets in public toilets are equipped with toilet washers, which not only can be cleaned, but also can heat the toilet mat. Even in winter, sitting on the toilet won't feel cold. If you feel embarrassed when you go to the toilet, there will also be a device called "syllabi" in the Japanese toilet. Just press the button and the syllabi will emit the flushing sound of the toilet, which will keep you away from embarrassment.            



6. Convenience Stores Really Convenient            

Japan's convenience stores are only unexpected, no you can't buy! If you buy a convenience, the clerk will also help you to heat it in the microwave oven. People who have no time to eat can quickly solve the problem of appetite by finding a convenience store. In addition to food, almost all kinds of daily necessities can be bought in convenience stores.            



7. Reliable Commodity Quality           

You never need to worry about buying things in Japan. Not only do you not encounter fake goods in Japan, but the chances of encountering defective products are very small. In Japan, even if there is a casual personal store on the street, it is often an old shop that has been running for decades or even centuries. They will never destroy the reputation they have painstakingly built up for the sake of temporary gain.            



8. High-quality Service            

Japan's service industry is famous for its high-quality service. If you shop in the mall, even if you just look, the clerk will greet you with a smile; even if you don't buy anything when you leave, the clerk will shout "Thank you for coming". If you buy something, the clerk will mention the item you bought after receiving the money and send it to the door all the time, then bow to you and say "Thank you for your patronage".            



9. Perfect Combination of Tradition and Modernity            

As a world-famous metropolis, Tokyo has always attracted tourists from all over the world with its prosperity and diversity. Punk and kimono can be found in the same place in Tokyo without any sense of abruptness. New generations of animation culture and traditional Japanese culture can coexist peacefully.            



10. Rail Transit            

As a very few developed countries in Asia, Japan's experience in many aspects is worth learning, such as Japan's extensive rail transit construction. Many people think that Japan has a small area and will not vigorously develop rail transit, but it is the first country in the world to build a practical high-speed railway, and also the first country to bring high-speed rail into commercial operation.            



11. Accurate to minute traffic schedule            

In Japan, whether it is Shinkansen, trams or buses, there is an accurate timetable. Except for exceptional circumstances, public transport in Japan will always appear at the scheduled location minute by minute. As long as you make an appointment, even a taxi will appear downstairs on time, whether in the morning or in the middle of the night.            



12. A 100-yuan shop with really good quality and low price            

In this kind of shop in Japan, they really achieve good quality and low price. The 100-yuan store represented by DAISO. The conversion of 100 yen to RMB is only about 5 yuan. But at the 100-yuan store, you can buy all kinds of things you want for 100 yen. From food to kitchen and sanitary products, stationery to receipt, cleaning products to cosmetics, only you can't imagine what you can't buy.            



13. Everyone Uses Famous Brands            

Once there was a joke that half of Japanese wallets were LV. It's just a joke, but it does reflect the popularity of luxury goods in Japan, especially in Tokyo. It's no surprise that young Japanese girls carry LV, and many parents will send an LV as their adult gift on their daughter's adult day. It is said that 92% of Tokyo girls own LV, 82% have Gucci, 58% have Prada, 52% have Chanel and 44% have Dior.            



14. Everlasting Queuing Culture            

In Japan, no matter what they do but when there is a need to wait, the Japanese will queue up very consciously, and no one will jump in line without observing the order. Even when the earthquake struck, the Japanese were in an orderly line waiting for evacuation.           



But one thing to note is that during the trip, some hotels may not prepare toiletries, they need to prepare their own, so it is important to prepare a suitable capacity and durable toiletry bag!

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