Four Considerations For Poor Travel

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Four Considerations For Poor Travel

More and more young people like to take risks to challenge unknown lives, and this is how the concept of poverty has sprung up in recent years. When it comes to traveling on foot, there are a lot of things that need to be noticed. Today, I would like to share with you the considerations of a poor travel.

Poor Travel Equipment:

1) Mountaineering bag, map, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, bath, change clothes, backpack waterproof cover. Portable battery, charger, book read on the road, MP3, magic headscarf. Sunscreen cap, student ID card, photocopy of ID card,travel key lock, USB mobile phone travel Charge.

2) If you want to hitchhike, add hitchhiking equipment: whiteboard pen, paper, hitchhiker photo signature commemorative T-shirt;

3) If you are not in good health, add essential drugs: cold medicine, stomach medicine, diarrhoea, high anti-drug, band aid;

4) In case of lack of sense of security, increase self-defense equipment: self-defense knife, survival whistle, compass;

5) On mountaineering bag purchase: look at the load system, look at the cloth, look at water-proof.


How to get a ride:

1) equipment: maps, whiteboard pens, paper, autographed ride-sharing T-shirts;

2) check the highway that arrives at the destination in advance, go to the highway toll gate and hold a sign to hitch a ride;

Large trucks and cars are easier to stop,

the western region is easier to hitchhike than the eastern region.

Less developed areas are easier to hitchhike than developed ones,

Girls are more likely to hitchhike than boys.

3) ask your destination before you get on the bus, whether to charge or not, and discuss with the driver where you are going to get off.

4) get on the bus to chat with the driver, tell stories, stop by the service area to buy a drink for the master or invite the master to eat a fast food.

5) when you get off the bus, give the driver a hug or take a photo or ask him to sign for a souvenir. It is best to give some oil money to the master.


Most of the teachers who have already let you on the bus will not charge you money, you are willing to give the initiative is an attitude, not willing to give is a mentality! Don't think that I am still a student, I can not give money, you love me for a ride, why pay. This will only make you more failed as a human being.


How to escape:

Most of the scenic spots are dangerous, need to jump, drill, climb, turn.

Most of the escape tickets at the site BUG are near the gate of the tollgate.

If you are free, circle around the gate of the attraction and you will find the BUG. who has escaped the ticket.

If a student has a student ID card, he or she should not study ticket evasion.

Train escape tickets can only be lucky, buy one side of the ticket, in the middle do not buy tickets, to the tail of the ticket can be repaid.

Check the ticket in the middle of the way to hide, can not escape on the ticket!

Ticket flight is too dangerous, too worthless, not to say that!


1) what are sofa guests

One person is willing to take out his own sofa, bed, empty space for tourists to live for free, another person willing to live in a stranger's home, two people trust each other, friendly relationship, through the sofa to become friends, this is a pair of sand hair!


2) how to find the sofa?

China provides sofa platform: professional sofa website, Douban sofa group, Sina sofa micro-group, more secure is the professional sofa site, because of the real name certification.

3)Preparation in front of the sofa

See sofa master posts to provide the sofa, write their own detailed introduction, travel plan, and their own photos sent to each other, do not directly ask: Hello, I will arrive at***, you can provide the sofa, the correct sofa format is as follows:

Name, gender, number, occupation, arrival time, days of stay, time of departure, and send your travel plans and photos to each other.


The above just say good words, bad words also have to say. Poor travelalso makes the personality of many people become imperfect, hitchhiking tickets sofa guests are out of balance of the small circle, you in this small circle of blindly demanding, do not understand the return do not understand gratitude so that you have a thicker skin, darker heart, more shameless, Personality is more of a failure! Will make your life out of balance! So the poor must balance themselves, hitchhiking remember to give gifts, hug smile thank you, offer the best gas money, do not forget to keep your word, remember politeness, remember to respect, remember to be friendly, remember to be grateful!

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